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Palani Thiru Avinankudi Temple Timings

Thiru Aavinankudi or Thiru Avinankudi Temple or Kulandai Velalyudha Swami Temple is located in the foothills of Palani. The name Thiru Aavinankudi originated as Lord Sun, Lakshmi, Kamadenu and Agni Deva worshipped Lord Muruga here. The Temple is located near the sacred pond “Saravanapoigai” and “Vaiyaburi”.The temple existed before Palani Dhandayuthapani Swamy and in ancient times Palani is referred to as Thiru Aavinankudi.

The presiding deity is Muruga a child sitting on a peacock. It is the Third house of the “Arupadai Veedu”. The Dhwaja Stambha/ Kodimaram/flagstaff is made of a single stone which is a notable thing. Lord Muruga (as a child sitting on the peacock)is the main deity here other deities are Vinayaga, Annamalaiyar, Unnamulai Amman, Lord Saneeswara Bagavan and Dhakshinamoorthy.

The special thing is Separate shrine is maintained for Lord Saniswara Bagawan. Lord Muruga shrine is said to be “Kulandhai Velayudhaswami“.People usually first visit Thiru Avinankudi and then climb the foothills of Palani.

Thiru Avinankudi Temple Sacred Tree is Nelli(amla) and Naagalinga Flora.Palani Thiru Avinankudi Temple

The temple was lavishly renovated between 1898 and 1910 by N.M.Subramanian Chettiar of Karaikudi and K.P.S. Palaniappa Chettiar from Kandanur. S.P. Ramanathan Chettiar and other family members of the first donor added in 1968 a majestic rāja gopuram, one of Palani’s monuments visible from the hilltop temple. Since the late 1970s, a few small shrines and an artistic mandapam have been built, adding to the beauty of an already magnificent temple.

Usually, devotees visit Tiru Avinankudi before going to the Muruga temple. It is located near the reservoir of the sacred temple ‘Saravana Poigai’. It is an ancient temple, older than the temple on the hill and among the earliest dwelling places of Lord Muruga. He is revered as the third Padai-Veedu. The official name of the shrine is Kulandai Velayudhaswami Temple and Tiru Avinankudi is the place name. A sacred reservoir is attached to the temple.

Tiru Aavinankudi Temple Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Sunday: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Tiru Avinankudi Temple Address:

Sannathi Road,
155, Sannathi Road,
Giri Veethi,
Tamil Nadu – 624601.

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