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Remedies for Kaal Sarpa Dosh | Kaalsarp Dosha

There are many people who suffer from Kaal Sarpa Yog [Dosh]. Kaal sarpa dosh is considered to be evil. Hence the person goes through sorrow, bad health, misery and struggle during this period. ‘Kaal’ represents the time, while ‘Sarpa’ symbolizes the Snake or Viper. It happens when all the planets [other than the outer planets] gather between Rahu and Ketu. In simple words, many people say that a black snake has grabbed you and would not let you grow or breathe.

Kaal sarpa dosh has the ability to turn a rich into poor. However, this period can be lucky for some people. It can offer gains and good health.

If kaal sarpa Yog [dosh] is troubling your life then you can try these home remedies. These remedies vary from wearing gemstones, visiting specific temples like Shree Kala Hasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh, Trimbaeshwar Nasik in Maharashtra to reduce dosha or by offering Puja or Vidhi.

Rahu Graha

Remedies for Kaal Sarpa Dosh:
Naga dosha nivaran puja: You can perform this shanti puja to reduce the effects of Rahu. Shanti puja can be conducted in any of the popular temples namely Trimbaeshwar or Kalahasthi temple. Experts [pandits] perform these 6 long hours of puja that brings a lot of relief.

Remedies include chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Vishnu Panchakshari Mantra, and Sarp Mantra and Shree Sarp Sookt.

When lords of 1st, 5th and 9th houses are not placed on evil houses during Kaal Sarpa Dosh, you must strengthen them through worship, good deeds and karma.

Visit Rameshwaram to take a holy dip in the sacred river.

Offer oblations to ancestors and pray to them to reduce Pitra. Pitri or pitra dosh can often worsen the Kaal Sarpa Yog.

If possible, install a five-hooded Sarp Raaj in the house temple. It can be made of silver or metal. Offer turmeric and raw rice to the Sarp Raaj.

Never hurt any snake or reptile. Kaal Sarpa Dosh is also a curse that is given if you or your ancestor has hurt any snake.

If you believe in wearing gem stones, then wear Gomed [garnet] or vaidurya [cats eye] in a silver ring. Wear the stone in your middle finger.

Try these remedies to get relief from Kaal Sarpa Yog [Dosh].

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