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Sadhana Panchakam lyrics in English


sādhana pañcakaṃ Lyrics in English:

vedo nityamadhiyatam taduditam karma svanusthiyatam
tenesasya vidhiyatamapacitih kamye matistyajyatam ।
papaughah paridhuyatam bhavasukhe doso’nusandhiyata-
matmeccha vyavasiyatam nijagrhatturṇam vinirgamyatam ॥ 1॥

sangah satsu vidhiyatam bhagavato bhaktirdrdha”dhiyatam
santyadih pariciyatam drdhataram karmasu santyajyatam ।
sadvidvanupasrpyatam pratidinam tatpaduka sevyatam
brahmaikaksaramarthyatam srutisirovakyam samakarṇyatam ॥ 2॥

vakyarthasca vicaryatam srutisirahpaksah samasriyatam
dustarkatsuviramyatam srutimatastarko’nusandhiyatam ।
brahmasmiti vibhavyatamaharahargarvah parityajyatam
dehe’hammatirujjhyatam budhajanairvadah parityajyatam ॥ 3॥

ksudvyadhisca cikitsyatam pratidinam bhiksausadham bhujyatam
svadvannam na tu yacyatam vidhivasat praptena santusyatam ।
sitosṇadi visahyatam na tu vrtha vakyam samuccaryata-
maudasinyamabhipsyatam janakrpanaisthuryamutsrjyatam ॥ 4 ॥

ekante sukhamasyatam paratare cetah samadhiyatam
purṇatma susamiksyatam jagadidam tadbadhitam drsyatam ।
prakkarma pravilapyatam citibalannapyuttaraih slisyatam
prarabdham tviha bhujyatamatha parabrahmatmana sthiyatam ॥ 5॥

॥ iti paramahamsaparivrajakacaryasrimacchankaracaryaviracita
sadhana pañcakam sampurṇam ॥

Sadhana Panchakam Meaning:

Study the scriptures (Vedas and Upanishads) always. Perform well the duties enjoined in them. By that let God be worshipped. Take your mind off the actions for material prosperity. Strive against the call of sins. Consider worldly happiness as leading to sorrow. Develop love for your own Self. Get out of (attachment to) your home as quickly as possible. || 1 ||

Seek the company of the pious. Develop strong faith in God. Acquire with determination, peace and such other divine qualities. Give up (selfish) actions as early as possible. Approach the pious who is learned in the scriptures. Worship his sandals daily. Pray for the knowledge of Brahman, which is the one-letter ‘AUM’. Listen to the philosophic declarations of the Upanishads. || 2 ||

Explore the meanings of Vedanta mantras. Take refuge yourself in the views of life extolled by the Vedas. Keep yourself clear of useless discussions. Think over the logical conclusion accepted by the Vedas. Often assume the attitude: ‘I am Brahman!’ Give up pride totally. Abandon thinking of the body as the Self. Do not argue with the learned. || 3 ||

Cure the disease of hunger; swallow daily the medicine which is in the form of alms. Do not beg for tasty food. Be satisfied with what you get by destiny. Endure cold and heat and such other pairs of opposites. Do not indulge in useless talk. Develop indifference. Overlook the kindness as well as the cruelty meted out to you by the public. || 4 ||

Stay happily in solitude. Concentrate your mind upon the Highest Brahman. Perceive everywhere the all-pervading Self. See this world as falsified by it. Let your past actions be done away with. On the strength of knowledge, don’t be associated with the actions being done. Experience here itself the fruits of the Prarabdha karmas (karmas that have started to yield their fruits). Afterwards, identify the Self in you with the Parabrahman and stay in that state. || 5 ||

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