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Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER VII

208) Question : What is the first Sadana or practice for emancipating oneself from Pasa and attaining Bliss?
Answer : To acquire learning and to act up to it.

209) Question : What is the second mode of attaining Bliss?
Answer : To obtain initiation in the presence of a spiritual teacher.

210) Question : What is Diksha or initiation?
Answer : To destroy pasa and give gnana or wisdom.

211) Question : How many kinds of Diksha are there?
Answer :
1. Samaya diksha.

2. Vishesha diksha.

3. Nirvana diksha.

212) Question : What is the third practice for attaining the end?
Answer : To perform
1. Sariya (Devotional practices, altruistic in their nature).

2. Kriya (Religious rituals and worship of God).

3. Yoga (Psychical practices, required for contemplation of God).

213) Question : Will Diksha (initiation) lead to Salvation or Moksha?
Answer : No. It will give only gnanam or wisdom.

214) Question : Will Sariya, Kriya and Yoga give moksha?
Answer : No. They will give only gnana or wisdom.

215) Question : What are the true forms of God’s forms?
Answer : Guru, Linga and Sangamam.

216) Question : How can we get rid of births?
Answer : By uttering Panchakshara and meditation.

217) Question : Which is greater, external or internal worship?
Answer : Internal worship is greater. It is called meditation by the mind.

218) Question : What is the benefit derived by meditation?
Answer : It will increase the light or intelligence in the soul.

219) Question : Are there any other Nishtai or religious practices?
Answer :
1. To consider everything as the actions of God.

2. To consider our spiritual Teacher as God itself.

3. To reverence the virtuous.

4. To consider about the mysterious ways of God.

5. To worship all the true followers of God.

6. To worship God in temples &c. are other practices.

220) Question : What is the benefit of religious practices (nishtai)?
Answer : It will give Gnanam or intelligence, which will lead to Moksha or Bliss.

Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER VII

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