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Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER VI ON PASA (BOND OR IMPURITY)

162) Question : How many kinds of Pasa are there?
Answer : Three kinds of bandams which fetter the soul are:-
1. Anavam (Ignorance the souls’s inherent impurity or imperfection).

2. Karma (the sum total of human action, involved as cause and effect, producing pleasure and pain, and causing rebirths).

3. Maya (cosmic matter).

163) Question : How is Anavam united to Atma?
Answer : Just as rust is present in copper eternally.

164) Question : What are the 8 qualities of Anava (ignorance)?
Answer :
1. Vikarppam (difference, error)

2. Karppam (agreement)

3. Krotham (hate)

4. Mogam (desire, lust)

5. Kolai (murder)

6. Agnar (pain)

7. Matham (fury)

8. Nagai (laughing)

165) Question : How does inert Anava act?
Answer : Just as posion.

166) Question : How will God get rid of Anava Sakti?
Answer : By giving it material body.

167) Question : How will anava sakti disappear?
Answer : By perception of the True.

168) Question : What does Anavamalam resemble?
Answer : It pervades like darkness.

169) Question : What kind of desire will anava create?
Answer : It will create desires and passions which are low and bring only pain.

170) Question : How does anava hide Siva from the soul?
Answer : Just as cloud covers the sun from the world.

171) Question : Is the anava destroyed in mukti (salvation)?
Answer : It will not be destroyed, but its power alone will be lost.

172) Question : What is karma?
Answer : Our actions are karmas.

173) Question : How many kinds are they?
Answer : Good deeds and bad deeds.

174) Question : What are the sources through which the ood and bad deeds are produced?
Answer : By mind, senses and body.

175) Question : What is the name of the deed done through mind?
Answer : Manatham (That which is done by the mind).

176) Question : What is the name of the deed done by body?
Answer : Kayikam (That which is done by body).

177) Question : What is the name of the action performed by speech?
Answer : Vasikam (That which is done by mouth).

178) Question : Will good deeds be balanced with by bad deeds, and bad deeds by good deeds?
Answer : No. The fruits of each must be enjoyed separately.

179) Question : What is good?
Answer : Good is that which we do according to the teachings of Vedas and Agamas.

180) Question : What is evil?
Answer : That which we do in contravention of scriptural teachings is evil.

181) Question : What is the name for both the deeds we now do?
Answer : It is called Agamiam.

182) Question : What is the name for the deeds we now enjoy?
Answer : Prarathvam.

183) Question : What is the name for the deeds remaining unenjoyed?
Answer : Sanchitham.

184) Question : How can Sanchitham be got rid of?
Answer : By the grace of Guru or spiritual teacher.

185) Question : How can agamia be got rid of?
Answer : By meditation or religious practice.

186) Question : How is Prarathvam got rid of?
Answer : By the death of the body.

187) Question : How is karma got rid of?
Answer : By atonement and suffering.

188) Question : How will karma attain maturity?
Answer : By the attainment of Sivapunyam or godly virtue.

189) Question : Is the world produced from God?
Answer : No. It is created from Maya or non-age.

190) Question : What is maya?
Answer : It is the first cause for the creation of the world.

191) Question : How many kinds are they?
Answer :
1. Sutta maya.

2. Asutta maya.

3. Prakrithi maya.

192) Question : Is maya an inert matter or intelligence?
Answer : It is only an inert matter.

193) Question : Is maya eternal or not?
Answer : It is eternal and all prevading.

194) Question : How many kinds of bodies are there?
Answer :
1. Sthula Sarira (the body of the soul in the waking state).

2. Sukshma Sarira (the body of the soul in the dream condition).

3. Karana Sarira (the body in profound sleep).

195) Question : Where do five kalais arise form?
Answer : They arise from sutta maya.

196) Question : Where do the three gunas come from?
Answer : It comes from Prakrithi maya.

197) Question : What are the four Vakas that are produced from Sutta maya?
Answer :

1. Sukkumai.

2. Pisanthi.

3. Mattimai.

4. Vaikari Vide Q 46.

198) Question : What is Vaikari?
Answer : It is the sound that is heard through ear.

199) Question : Where did Sivatatva arise from?
Answer : From Sutta maya.

200) Question : Where did Vedas come from?
Answer : It also came from sutta maya.

201) Question : How is the world contained in maya?
Answer : Just as a big banyan tree is contained in the small seed.

202 & 203) Question : How many kinds of Ahankara (Pride of self) are there?
Answer : Three kinds, viz.
1. Buthathi.

2. Vaikarikam.

3. Thaisatham.

204) Question : Is air &c. produced froma Akas (space)
Answer : No.

205) Question : What are the 5 elements produced from?
Answer : They are produced from Tanmatras (origin of elements),

which are: (1) Sabda (sound), (2) Sparsa (touch), (3) Rupa (sight), (4) Rasa (taste) and (5) Ganda (smell).

206) Question : What are Asutta maya?
Answer : The 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.

207) Question : What is Suttasutta maya?
Answer : It is Vidayatatvam vide Q 43. Sutta maya is sound

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