Hinduism Perspective


221) Question : What is Gnanam which is not experienced similar to?
Answer : It is similar to dream.

222) Question : Can you express your experiences to the public?
Answer : You should not express your experiences to the public just as you would not tell others when you have found out a treasure.

223) Question : When will that experience arise?
Answer : Experience can be found only when selfhood is destroyed and Sivagnanam is increased.

224) Question : Can we try experience?
Answer : It cannot be tried, because we cannot examine the capacities of God.

225) Question : Who can show us the way of experience?
Answer : Satguru (True Teacher or Divine Teacher) alone can put us in the way to find out this experience.

226) Question : What is Anubahva or experience?
Answer : The pleasure which one experiences.

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