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Sri Pratyangira Devi Mantras Lyrics in English Benefits

Sri Maha Pratyangira devi is a very powerful manifestation of the divine Mother. She is a powerful energy that can repel the evil energies generated through witch-craft. Wearing a terrible form, Pratyangira Devi appears in the combination of Man – Lion form. With a dark complexion, she has red eyes and four hands holding trident, serpent, trident and hand drum. The sages who had a vision of the divine Mother say she has 1008 faces and 2016 hands. Her chariot is pulled by four lions. She manifested in order to pacify the angry Sarabeshwara, a ferocious incarnation of Shiva for ending the anger of Lord Narasimha.

Pratyangira Gayatri Mantra – English Lyrics Meaning:

Aum Aparajithayai Vidmahe Shatru Nishoodinyai DheemahiTanno Pratyangira Prachodayaat

I meditate upon the invincible Mother and contemplate on the one who destroys enemies. Let Mother Pratyangira Devi illumine my intellect.

Pratyangira Moola Mantra and Meaning:

Aum Ksham Paksha Jvala Jihve Karala Damshtre Pratyangire Ksham Hreem Hum Phat
This mantra is made of many beej mantras or seed sounds that represent the powerful aspect of Mother Pratyangira. This mantra is like a powerful shield to ward off the negative forces.

How to Chant the Pratyangira Mantra:

Commence chanting the Pratyangira mantra on a Tuesday or Friday. The best time to start this mantra sadhana is an Ashtami day or a Purnima or Amavasya day. Especially the ones falling on Tuesdays or Fridays are very auspicious for pleasing Pratyangira Devi.

The ideal time to chant the Pratyangira mantra is Mangal Hora. It is also a common practice to see people chant the Pratyangira Mool mantra after sunset or very late at night.

The Mool mantra of Pratiyangira Devi must be chanted at least 9 times. For best results, chant it 108 times or 1008 times as per your convenience.

While chanting the mantra, keep a picture of Pratyangira Devi in front of you or have a yantra of Pratyangira Devi.

Pratyangira Devi Mantra Chanting Benefits:

  1. This most powerful Pratyangira mantra addresses the ferocious form of the Supreme Mother. It protects the chanter like a shield from all negative forces and dangers.
  2. Pratyangira Devi is Mahashatru Nashini or the destroyer of enemies. Hence, Pratyangira’s mantra removes the fears of the enemies and subdues them when they try to act against you.
  3. Help keep the evil energies, spirits and ghosts at a distance and fills the household with a protective energy
  4. Clears the confusions and stresses of the mind and promotes clarity of vision and the power of making the right judgment in any situation.
  5. Enhances the willpower, self-confidence and self-esteem of the chanter and empowers them to complete their professional tasks to perfection.
  6. Helps the individual develop some extra-sensory perception or clairvoyance to perceive the danger that is coming in the future and stay prepared to combat it successfully.
  7. Clears the hurdles to progress and moves the ventures to completion.
  8. Assures safe journeys and prevents accidents• Destroys Drishti dosh or the effects of evil eyes
  9. This mantra can dispel ignorance and light the lamp of illumination in the hearts of the chanters.

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