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Tirumala Naga Theertham/Nagula Bavi History, Route

Naga Theertham/Nagula Bavi:

  • Naga Theertham is located near Pasi Gangamma Temple and accessible deep in the forest and takes a 1.5-hour trek from Kukkaladoddi village.
  • 8 miles Northeast of the Tirumala Temple. Vaikunta Guha (cave) is here.
  • Down to Chakra Theertham, Up to Bata Gangamma temple.
  • Rectifies Naga dosha with water bath/ sprinkle and 3 Pradakshinams to the idols next to Theertham to have strong planetary positions.
  • Locals visit Nagula Chaturthi/Chavithi and do prayers to Putta (snake home).
  • Lord Subrahmanya penanced for decades as he is related to serpents, the Theertham abounds in stone sculptures of serpents with a huge rocky outcrop naturally resembling a raised hood of a Cobra. The waters of the Spring and the pond are so crystal clear and the calmness of the place with the sounds of the flowing water is so profoundly calming, it is a devotee’s delight.

Naga Theertham-Nagula Bavi

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