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Annamayya Keerthana – Adivo Alladivo in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Adivo Alladivo Lyrics in Hindi:

अदिवो अल्लदिवो श्री हरि वासमु
पदिवेल शेषुल पडगल मयमु ॥

अदे वेङ्कटाचल मखिलोन्नतमु
अदिवो ब्रह्मादुल कपुरूपमु ।
अदिवो नित्यनिवास मखिल मुनुलकु
अदे चूडु डदे मोक्कु डानन्दमयमु ॥

चेङ्गट नदिवो शेषाचलमू
निङ्गि नुन्न देवतल निजवासमु ।
मुङ्गिट नल्लदिवो मूलनुन्न धनमु
बङ्गारु शिखराल बहु ब्रह्ममयमु ॥

कैवल्य पदमु वेङ्कट नग मदिवो
श्री वेङ्कटपतिकि सिरुलैनदि ।
भाविम्प सकल सम्पद रूपमदिवो
पावनमुल केल्ल पावन मयमू ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Adivo Alladivo Meaning:

That is” “Venkatachalam”!. It is the highest of all.It is most precious to “Brahma” (The form of God, who is in charge for creation) and others. That is the permanent abode to all the “Munis”. Behold! Salute the blissful!

Behold “Seshachalam!” (One of the seven hills of Tirumala on which Lord Venkateshwara resides.) The true abode of angels that are said to dwell in the sky. Here, it is! Right before you – the hidden treasure! It is the form of absolute spirit that is shining with golden peaks.

Behold! The Supreme Spiritual status, “Venkatanagam” (The name of the main hill among the seven hills). It is the treasure of Lord Venkateshwara (The presiding Deity of Tirumala). If rightly perceived, it’s the form of all the treasures. It is the holiest of holy things.

The entire description of the seven hills is identified with “Kundalini Yoga” the hidden yogic power of the human being. According to Yogasastra, every seeker ultimately experiences the true form of God in the region of his head called ‘Sahasraram’.

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