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Annamayya Keerthana – Kolani Dopariki in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Kolani Dopariki Lyrics in Hindi:

कोलनि दोपरिकि गोब्बिल्लो यदु ।
कुल स्वामिकिनि गोब्बिल्लो ॥

कोण्ड गोडुगुगा गोवुल गाचिन ।
कोण्डोक शिशुवुनकु गोब्बिल्लो ।
दण्डगम्पु दैत्युल केल्लनु तल ।
गुण्डु गण्डनिकि गोब्बिल्लो ॥

पाप विधुल शिशुपालुनि तिट्टुल ।
कोपगानिकिनि गोब्बिल्लो ।
येपुन कंसुनि यिडुमल बेट्टिन ।
गोप बालुनिकि गोब्बिल्लो ॥

दण्डिवैरुलनु तरिमिन दनुजुल ।
गुण्डे दिगुलुनकु गोब्बिल्लो ।
वेण्डिपैडि यगु वेङ्कट गिरिपै ।
कोण्डलय्यकुनु गोब्बिल्लो ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Kolani Dopariki Meaning:

Salutations to the lord of Yadu clan who robbed the dresses of Gopikas bathing in lake.

Salutations to the unique child Gopala who protected cows by lifting mountain as umbrella. Salutations to the hero who destroyed wicked demons.

Salutations to the cowherd boy Krishna who got angry with the abuses made by Sisupala. Salutations to Gopala the tormentor of wicked Kamsa.

Salutations to the Lord who caused agony and who drove away the wicked demons. Salutations to the Lord of silver and golden Venkatadri.

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