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Annamayya Keerthana – Raajeeva Netraaya in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Rajeeva Netraya lyrics in Hindi:

राजीव नेत्राय राघवाय नमो ।
सौजन्य निलयाय जानकीशाय ॥

दशरथ तनूजाय ताटक दमनाय
कुशिक सम्भव यज्ञ गोपनाय ।
पशुपति महा धनुर्भञ्जनाय नमो
विशद भार्गवराम विजय करुणाय ॥

भरित धर्माय शुर्पणखाङ्ग हरणाय
खरदूषणाय रिपु खण्डनाय ।
तरणि सम्भव सैन्य रक्षकायनमो
निरुपम महा वारिनिधि बन्धनाय ॥

हत रावणाय संयमि नाथ वरदाय
अतुलित अयोध्या पुराधिपाय ।
हितकर श्री वेङ्कटेश्वराय नमो
वितत वाविलिपाटि वीर रामाय ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Rajeeva Netraya Meaning:

Salutation to lotus-eyed Raghava the abode of gentleness and the lord of Janaki.

Salutation to the son of Dasaradha, the destroyer of wicked Tataki, the protector of Viswamitra’s austerities, the queller of Siva’s bow, who subdued the anger of Parasurama and the bestower of success.

Salutations to the protector of Dharma, the punisher of wicked Surpanakha, the destroyer of evil Khara and Dushana, the commander of army at the ocean and the builder of unparalleled bridge across ocean.

Salutation to the destroyer of Ravana, the one who blessed sages with boons and the unique ruler of Ayodhya kingdom. Salutation to the benevolent Lord Venkatesa who is like holy tree and who is none other than the heroic Rama.

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