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Annamayya Keerthanas – Itti Muddulaadu in Hindi

This is a beautiful song describing the mischief of Krishna and how the Gopikas are frightened by his menace. The context of this song is that of a woman suggesting other women on how to pacify the little boy who seems adorable but is difficult to control because of his tantrums and mischief. The tone is set to a complaining tone. The background is set to a child being taken care of by other women, while the mother is away.

A Gopika who seems to have been given the responsibility to take care of Krishna in his mother’s absence is looking for him. She asks others “where is the boy who played cutely? Get hold of him and give him a stomach full of milk.”

While the first stanza seems to show concern and love for the boy, in the later stanza, we will find that it is actually with fear that the Gopika is reacting.

The rendition of this song by BalaMurali Krishna can be found below.

Itti Mudduladi Lyrics in Hindi:

इट्टि मुद्दुलाडि बालु डेडवाडु वानि
बट्टि तेच्चि पोट्टनिण्ड बालु वोयरे ॥

गामिडै पारितेञ्चि कागेडि वेन्नेललोन
चेम पूवु कडियाल चेयि पेट्टि ।
चीम गुट्टेननि तन चेक्किट गन्नीरु जार
वेमरु वापोये वानि वेड्डु वेट्टरे ॥

मुच्चुवले वच्चि तन मुङ्ग मुरुवुल चेयि
तच्चेडि पेरुगुलोन दगबेट्टि ।
नोच्चेननि चेयिदीसि नोर नेल्ल जोल्लुगार
वोच्चेलि वापोवुवानि नूरडिञ्चरे ॥

एप्पुडु वच्चेनो मा यिल्लु चोच्चि पेट्टेलोनि
चेप्परानि वुङ्गराल चेयि पेट्टि ।
अप्पडैन वेङ्कटाद्रि असवालकुडु गान
तप्पकुण्ड बेट्टे (बट्टि) वानि तलकेत्तरे ॥

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Annamayya Keerthanas – Itti Muddulaadu in Hindi

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