Hinduism Perspective

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – C

Caitanya =  The foundational Consciousness which has absolute freedom of knowing and doing, of jnana and kriya sakti
Cakra =  The group or Collective whole of saktis
Cakresvara =  The master or lord of the group of saktis
Camatkara =  Bliss of the pure I-consciousness; delight of artistic experience.
Candra =  Prameya or object of knowledge; the apana prana or nadi (channel or nerve)
Caramakala =  The highest phase of manifestation known as Santyatita or Santatita Kala
Carvaka =  the materialist
Carvaka Darsana =  materialistic philosophy
Cetana =  Parama Siva, Self, Conscious individual.
Cetya =  Knowable, object of consciousness.
Chaitanyam =  Intelligence.
charyA =  practice, observance
Cheda =  Cessation of prana and apana by sounding of anacka (vowel-less) sounds.
Chit =  Intelligence ; consciousness, perception
Chit Sakti =  Divine Intelligence or Energy ; Gnana Sakti.
Chittam =  Sence of Perception ; one of the four Andakaranas.
Cidakasa =  The ether of consciousness
Churnika =  A brief abstract ; a style of expression.
Cidghana =  Mass of consciousness
Cidananda =  lit., consciousness and bliss, (1) The nature of ultimate Reality consisting of consciousness and bliss. (2) The sixth stratum of ananda in uccara yoga of anava upaya
Cidanandaghana =  Mass of Consciousness-bliss
Cinta =  thought; idea
Cit =  The Absolute; foundational consciousness; the consciousness that is the unchanging principle of all changes.
Citi =  The consciousness-power of the Absolute that brings about the world-process.
Citi-cakra =  Samvit-Cakra- the senses
Citkala =  Energy of consciousness
Citprakasa =  Light of consciousness
Citta =  the individual mind, the limitation of Citi or Universal Consciousness manifested in the individual mind, the mind of the empirical individual, consisting mainly of Sattva, the mind of the Maya-pramata
Citta pralaya =  Dissolution of the empirical mind in the higher consciousness
Citta sambodha =  Awakening of the individual mind
Citta visranti =  Repose of the empirical mind in the higher consciousness