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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – R

Raga =  One of the kancukas of Maya on account of which there is limitation by desire; passionate desire.
Rajas =  The principle of motion, activity and disharmony-a constituent of Prakrti.
Rakti =  relish; enjoyment esoteric meaning-‘sthiti’- maintenance.
Rasa =  Flavour; aesthetic rapture.
Rasmi =  Sakti
Raudri =  The sakti that induces the pleasure-seeking souls to be confined to their pleasures.
Ravi =  Pramana (knowledge); prana
Rekhini =  The sakti that forms a straight line in the formation of the letter.
Rig-Veda =  One of the four Vedas
RiShi, rushi =  sage, seer
Rodhini =  The sakti that obstructs the passage to moksa
rudra =  A form of Lord shiva, as deva of destruction. One of the trimUrti
Rudra (kalagni) =  Rudra residing in the lowest plane of Nivrtti kala.
Rudrah =  The deities that are responsible for manifestation, maintenance of manifestation, and withdrawal of manifestation of the world-process; the souls that have evolved to the status of pati or selves that have realized Siva-consciousness.
Rudrah (teachers) =  Exponents of 18 Saivagamas who are mukta Siva
Rudra pramata =  Mukta Siva
rudrAxa, rudrAksha =  beed held sacrad by shaivtes, appeared fromthe eye of rudra
Rudrayamala =  intimate union of Rudra and His Sakti
Rupa =  Form; essence.

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