Rahu Ketu Puja

How to Make Rahu Positive, Remedies for Rahu Deva, Rahu Remedies

In general, people are afraid of Rahu, let us have some inputs about it.

Rahu’s Effects on Home:

We can identify by seeing one’s home, a block of flats, neighborhood etc., if Rahu is in a positive or negative position. If we could see a house without love, unity, peacefulness, fights, sibling rivalry etc., it shows the negativity of Rahu in such a family. The impact can be seen in children’s too – the growth gets affected, children always keep talking about the study in a hostel or to move away from the house for a job.

Indications on the house if Rahu is in negative position:

1) House will have continuous water stagnation
2) House will be filled with dust and dirt
3) Plants won’t grow well
4) In spite of the natural lighting electrical power would always be required
5) In spite of good salary Servant or employees won’t last longer
6) Constant small issues like milk getting spoiled, things getting lost causing a distraction
7) Affects people in the age group of 38-45yrs
8) Persistent stomach related problems
9) Spending money on the bad stuff
10) Unknown fear will be there
11) Crack or fall of the wall in the kitchen
12) No happiness

Rahu Remedies

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on House:

* In the entrance of the house either hang or bury a white cloth tied with misiri(a form of a sweet), black lentils, gomed stone and silver.
* Do remedies to pitru dosh and everyday donations is advised.
* The name of the house should always be in the ancestor’s name.
* Work like sitting, eating having a plant or a pot with flower and food for birds has to be done in the East part of the house.

Impact of Rahu on 3:

There are both positives and negatives caused by Rahu. Rahu helps those in the field of civil services, politics, engineering etc., if a person gives excuses for everything he may be asked to do is the negativity of Rahu. But, in spite of its negativity if a person works hard then Rahu will start giving more energy to them. It is advised to be under the shade and guidance of a guru, even if one doesn’t be with the guru they can have their picture which will help them to succeed in life. Vice versa for children under the influence of Rahu should be engaged in sports and for adults, it is advised for hard work e.g. motorcycle.

Indications on Individuals if Rahu is in a negative position:

The following things can be found in a person who is having a negative impact of Rahu which will create problems in one’s future:

  • Sleep and wake-up will be late
  • Won’t believe in traditions or rituals
  •  Will be addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc
  •  Couldn’t concentrate on one particular thing
  •  Will get addicted to electronic instruments
  •  Becomes angry, irritable, violent to an extent of breaking things. If married it may lead to a break in the relationship
  •  Gets excited, tells lies and gives excuses

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on individuals:

# For lack of study, fearfulness and anger wear sandalwood tied in blue thread
# Ashoka leaves, few drops of sandalwood perfume or oil to your bath
# Early in the morning drink sandalwood juice
# Avoid late-night eating, leftover foods, etc
# Feed fish
# Donate water, 4 coconuts in the temple during Amavasya
# Eat and drink coconut
# Chanting of mantra for Rahu—OM RAA(N) RAHVE NAMAHA

Rahu Navagraha Pancha Sloki:

Rahu Graha Pancha Sloki in Telugu
Rahu Graha Pancha Sloki in English


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  • Dear sir,
    I am in a very bad state of condition till august 2015 every thing was going alright, suddenly I lost my Job. I started my business which also did not performed well. Now I have finished with all my money I am into lot of debts don’t have money to fulfill daily needs of family.
    My date of birth is 15/07/1983 time 7.33 am place Nagpur
    Name Pratosh Gupta

    • Dear Pratosh Gupta
      We only give details about some dosha presence and its remedies.
      You have Vishadhar Kaala sarpa dosh. Also presently you are in Rahu maha dasa till 01.2022.
      Remedies for Kalasarp dosha –
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on Shukla Paksh Sashti thithi rahu kaal time.
      Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times.
      Observe fast on Naga Panchami every year is beneficial.
      Do abhishek (bathe the deity) of lord Shiva for 30 days or Rudhra abhishekam in any ancient shiva temple.
      Do shradha of ancestors during shradha paksha every year regularly.
      Wear Nagpaash Yantra at an auspicious time after recitation of mantras.
      At home –
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh, Karthikeya and Hanuman.
      Avoid non veg and alcohol while worship of Hanuman.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Respected sir,my dob is 6th april 1988.time 9.12 am and place ahmedabad.i am suffering from backache, if you could please provide some astrological remedy for this and to maintain good health.also i have been told my rahu is bad.is it true?thankyou

    • Dear Raj
      Perform Til Abhishekam to Lord Saturn on any Saturdays or on Shani Trayodasi on regular basis. You can perform this abhishek at any Shani Shingnapur or any ancient temples that have Navagrahas.
      Worship Lord Ganesh, Hanuman and Saturn daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      You need to do regular Yoga, Pranayama learned from a guru and regular chanting of Guru Manthra for 108 times is also beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir I am rakesh. My date of birth is 16.07.1983. Time of birth 05.35 pm. and place of birth -Hyderabad. Please tell me whether I have kaal sarpa yoga. And also mention remedies.as I an facing problems in my daily life…

    • Dear Rakesh
      Yes you have Maha padma kaala sarpa dosham.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja on any Fridays rahu kaalam time with Chathurthy, Panchami or Sashti thithi rahu kaalam time or any day of thithis mentioned before. Best is Sashti thithi. First offer worship to Lord Ganesha dnt then perform Rahu kethu pooja.
      Performing Rudhra Abhishekam is also beneficial but not mandatory.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya. Recite raahu manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hi,

    I am going through a lot of troubles for a last few years. My DoB is 4.9.1978, time :10:05 am. Can you please let me know if I have Rahu or Ketu malefic in my horoscope? If so please suggest some remedies.

    • Dear Priya
      Yes you have Rahu kethu are weak and malefic placed.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja on a sashti thithi.
      And worship Garuda Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays and then worship Lord Venkateshwara.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya.
      Observe fast on every sashti thithi starting from a Shukla paksha sashti thithi for 11 or 21 sashti thithis.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • My date of birth 17 may 1987
    time of birth 8.45 pm
    place of birth is pasighat , arunachal pradesh

    I am not able grow in my career.My salary is very low.My hardwork patience every thing is not working towards my goal.

    • Dear Debajit kalita
      Follow the remedies –
      Worship Lord Ganesh – recite any of his naama manthra for 108 times, Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha or any raama bhajans daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Perform Til Abhishekam to Planet Saturn on any Saturdays or at Shani Shinganapur.
      Regularly doing this you can overcome your problems.
      Also attend the Pradosha kaal pooja held in Shiva Temples.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • guruji pranam
        do I have guru chandal dosh?an astrologer said.
        Also I am not able to achieve goal and my attention towards a goal gets distracted due to this or that reason

        • Dear Debajit kalita
          Yes you have Guru Chandaal Yog since Jupiter conjunction with Rahu posited in 4th house.

          Remedies –
          Practicing Meditation, regular practice of yoga/Pranayama tought from a Guru is beneficial. This should be done early in the morning at least for 30 mins.
          Worship Lord Ganesh – any naama manthra for 108 times and then
          Recite / chant any of the below Guru Manthra for 108 times.
          “Om brim brihaspataye namah”
          “Om vrim brihaspataye namah”
          “Om Shreem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah”
          OR Om Gurur Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha Guru Saakshaath Parabrahma Thasmaisree Guruve Namaha.
          Completely avoid non veg food and Alcohol.
          Serve food to elderly couples and get their blessing and even serving dogs is beneficial.
          Also performing Chandal Dosh Nivaran Pooja
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • sir my date of birth is 15-01-2001 timing is 9.55 am and birth place is amritsar
    meri rahu dasha kab tak rahegi or iske upaye kya hai please sir mera man parai me nahi lagta aur mujhe gussa bhi bahut aata hai. apki bari kirpa hogi

    • Dear Parth Arora
      Apke Rahu dasa period – 09.2014 till 09.2032 tak hai.
      Upay –
      Rahu kethu pooja every year karvana hai.
      Aur dainik Ganishji, Karthikeya, Durga maatha ko praarthana karna hai.
      Aur prathi sanivaar me raahu manthra ko 108 baare padna hai. Hanuman ji ko bhi praarthana kar prathi sanivaar me.
      Do what I said above sincerely and try to saanth karna hai vo gods ko.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Guru pranam.. my Dob is 03..11..1982. Birth time 12.7 am at night… birth place in kolkata..
    My problem is .. always health problem.. doctor and medicine going on.. and no work..
    Kam k liye luck nehi saat de rehe h…..
    Or kitna din tak rahu rehega…pls tell me the remedies…
    I shall be grate full to you…

    • Dear Kaushik.
      Rahu dasa – 01.2003 till 01.2021. till this period you will have problems
      Worship Lord Ganesh and Shiva daily and attend Pradosha pooja every month of when ever possible.
      To overcome from negative effects of rahu, kethu dosham, chant durga Stotra, rahu mantra and Ganesh prayers daily. Visit durga mandhir regularly. Participate in durga pooja performed at temples or you can do durga pooja simply offering the mother something – fruits, flowers dhup dheep aarathia and recite Durga sthothram. Do this every Fridays is enough.
      Recite Guru Manthra (placed malefic) manthra for 108 times daily. You must continue this manthra recite for the next 10 years at least because coming is Jupiter dasa after rahu dasa. So recite this manthra and try to pacify Guru bhagwan.
      Your Rajya sthana is not good and hence you are having bad luck or obstacles in career front.
      So do the above and please the lord to bless a job.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir from last 13 yrs i am working as project manager in gulf but suddenly i have lost my job nd from last 7 mnths i am nt getting job…pls help.
    Kamalesh Bharti
    Place-silao (nalanda)

    • Dear Kamalesh Bharti
      You are presently in Saturn Maha Dasa till 12.2032. saturn is placed in a strong house. But need to check with the present transit also to answer your query precisely.
      Remedies –
      Worship Lord Ganesh, Hanuman and Saturn by reciting their manthras or sthothras or naama manthras for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Visit Hanuman temple on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
      Perform Til Abhishekam at Shani Shinganur or at any temple having Navagrahas.
      Do the above remedies and try to pacify the lords, then your may get into work again.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,
    My name is Nikhil Pathare. My DOB is 20-6-1988 and birth time is 10 22 am with birth place Mumbai.
    Me and my wife are trying to have a baby but not getting success.
    Also, every night we have misunderstandings while sleeping on very small things
    We love each other so much but i dont know why these problems arises.

    Right now, i am taking Ganpati Darshan daily, abhishek of water and bel to Shiva, watering peepal and banyan tree daily and giving grass to cows.
    Please let me know what more i can do for my problems?

        • Dear Nikhil
          Both perform Rahu kethu pooja on a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi – one that falls after Amavasya. First do pooja to Lord Ganesh and then Rudhra Abhishekam and then Raahu kethu pooja at Kalahasthi or doing in any other temple only ganesh pooja and rahu kethu pooja.
          Also both worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya, Durga maatha daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
          What ever pooja you do both of you should do with a full heart & purpose oriented of begetting a child.
          Make your request on a white paper and fold it twice like an envelop opened on the top and keep it near the foot of Lord Ganesh.
          Nikhil you need to worship Lord Hanuman also daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
          Your spouse should worship Goddess Durga daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
          Rest are common for both of you.
          See if you want to get a child worship Lord Subrahmanya on a Sashti thithi day by observing a fast (both) from early morning to till sun set or next day sun rise time. You can have toor dhal boiled rice for one time – noon or evening when observing for till next day morning.
          About taking your compatibility there is a bad / lack of Vasya compatibility (attraction and flexibility) and hence not able to unite with peace of mind. To overcome this –
          Remedy –
          Worship Lord Krishna by reciting “Om Namo Krishna Devaya !! Prema Rajya Vallabha Sarva !! Mangala Pradayaka Namah” for 108 times – Both, daily. When recited whole heartedly this increases you love on each other.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear sir,
    I was born at Sohna, Haryana at 04:42 AM on 20-11-1974. I have faced a lot of conspiracies at my work place, i.e. a Govt. Job by my seniors and subordinates. for the last 7-8 years, i became quite unstable and disruptive in all means i.e. money, family peace and others. i am going through a phase of Guru maha dasha but even then I am not getting favourable results. kindly help…|

    • Dear Naresh
      Need to check your present transit of planets for your problems as there seems no flaws in the career and enemies sthana.
      Jupiter is ill placed and hence the troubles.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja.
      Worship Lord Dhatthathreya daily. Attend Sai Baba Aarathi pooja in temple or do it in your home daily.
      Recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily.
      Also recite Shukra manthra for 108 times daily or every Fridays.
      Om Namah Shivay

  • Sir my life was gng very well.. But in august 2017 my lover cheated me.. I had suffered from huge loss in share market trading business.. Pls help.. Details are.. Saurabh bharti

    • Dear Sauabh Bharti
      You have Naaga dosham.
      Remedies –
      Perform Naaga Prathishta in Kukke Subrahmanya temple or Rahu keth pooja in any temple where it is done on a Tuesday or Friday raahu kaalam time. Worship Lord Ganesha before going to do rahu kethu pooja.
      Also worship Goddess Durga maatha daily and visit maa ki temple.
      Presently you are in Jupiter maha dasa.
      Because Jupiter is placed weak in your birth chart, this dasha may cause financial problems, Sudden fall from position, health problems and loss of status.
      Remedies – chant Guru mantra or Guru stotra will reduce negative results of Jupiter.
      Be very careful with every body as any one may turn to enemy as per your chart.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • please help me, i am so pissed by this negative rahu. my life has drastically changed in negative way. i feel hopeless.. no happiness since 2 years.. feeling like die everyday day.. no energy to anything.. have no friends now.. i dont know why is happening with.. i done nothing wrong.. i never believed in superstitious thing but this bad luck make me believe in this thing..
    my birth 31aug
    please please help me.

    • Dear Amit
      Remedy –
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja on Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday raahu kealam time with thithits such as Chathurthi, Panchami, Sashti.
      Or Recite Garuda Gayathri manthra for 108 times daily before sun rise time and also worship Lord Vishnu.
      Daily or ever Monday evening between 06 pm – 07.30 pm worship Lord Shivaya (Mrithyunjeya) by reciting Mrithyunjeya manthra for 108 time. And attend Pradosha pooja that will be performed in Shiva temples.
      Wear a Subrahmanya (Karthikeya) dollar to your neck and avoid non veg and alcohol.
      Do the above sincerely and you may be protected from Rahu during this dasa.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Suman
      You tenth house lord is malefic and two other weak planets are posited in 10th house and hence problems in career or a jobless situation may happens.
      Just do the remedies –
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh – Recite any of his naama manthra for 108 times and Hanuman.
      Recite Guru Manthra for 108 times and participate in Sai Baba Aarathi Pooja or you perform it in your home iteslef on every Thursdays.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja also.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • I m facing married life problems my husband he doesn’t listen me whatever I said he is against . Also my inlaws family creating a problem too he listen to his mother he doesn’t trust on me 2 & 3 times he tried to left me plz me I m in big trouble my dob is 16 June 1992 2:45 pm Ludhiana Punjab my husband dob 29 February 1992 12:15 am Ludhiana Punjab his name Gurbir singh

    • Dear Sukhdeep
      You are Manglik which normally disturbs ones family life.
      Remedy – Establish a saffron Ganapathy Idol in your pooja room and worship daily and observe fast on every chathurthy thithi (Lunar day) offering to Lord Ganesh. This may reduce your dosha. This may be reduced after the age of 28.
      Also recite Manglik manthra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and observe a fast. And worship Lord Nrusimha on every Saturdays.
      And coming to compatibility there is lack of compatibility in the matter of attraction and adjustability between couples and hence there is some dislikes between you I mean your hubby.
      Also there is bad kuja dosha match and hence also comes dislikes or disappointment between couples or any one may become crude in nature troubling other.
      Remedy –
      Worship Lord Ganesh first by reciting any of his Naama manthra for 108 times and then recite –
      Om Kaamadevaya Vidhmahe Pushpa Bhaanaaya Dheemahi Thanno Anangah Prachothayaath – for 108 times.
      And worship Lord Krishan – any bhajans or OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VAASU DEVAAYA NAMAH for 11 or 21 or 108 times.
      Observe a fast on every Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi – for Lord Subrahmanya.
      Both of you need to perform Rahu kethu pooja on a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi. First perform pooja to Ganeshji and then rahu kethu pooja – must.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaskaar,
    My date of birth is 14 DEC 1984, time of birth is 0105 Hrs (24 hours time format ), and place of birth is gorakhpur, uttar Pradesh. I have been facing a lot of problems financially and in career. I have no knowledge of astrology. Please guide me accordingly.

    • Dear Ann
      Kalathra sthana (Marriage and Business) and Puthra sthana (knowledge, children and love matters) are not good enough but taking some precautions you can overcome this dispositional planets as there are some planets which could favor. Need to precisely match you horoscope with the girls for a better maritial life with sound financial life etc,,. Otherwise you may be put into troubles which gives hindrances in finance aspect and progeny.
      We do not find any dispositions regarding your career and financial problems as planets related for that are placed well except Sun. so please follow the remedies –
      Remedies –
      Wake up early in the morning by 04.30 or 05.00 hours and have a bath.
      Establish a saffron Ganapathy idol in your pooja room and worship by reciting any of his naama manthra daily for best result.
      Then worship Lord Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha or any raama bhajans. Visit and worship Hanuman in temple also.
      Avoid non veg and alcohol (if).
      Worship Goddess Maha Lakshmi by reciting Lakshmi Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
      Do this with utmost faith and you can see changes in your life if you could please the gods with your prayers sincerely.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Dear guruji,
        I am a female. I left job in march 2017 because of lot of hidden enemies and politics. I have no job since. Its going to be one year. I am really sad. Is this the punishment of previous births? I have done my law and MBA and not getting suitable job. Please help.

        • Dear Ann
          Your present transit of planets and horoscope need to be analysed in deep then only we can find the exact problem. So far when checked we could find nothing just what we said previously.
          Just do this remedy and check whether your luck starts.
          Just worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya daily or every Tuesdays and worship Durga maatha and recite Mahalakshmi Gayathri manthra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays. Worshipping Goddess Durga sincerely will help you to get rid off from enemies. So do worship regularly devotedly.
          Sorry that beyond this we cant give you solution for now.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namskar Sadho,

    I am anamika sharma. I am the the breadwinner of my family as my husband is not earning. But in my workplace i am surrouded with enemies. I have been facing conspiracies to remove me and disregard from colleagues and bosses inspite of hard work. Due to good work i m never removed from the job bt the work atmosphere is very unpleasent and tyrannous. Plz help me as from september onwards i ll be under Rahu mahadasa. Already at home i m not having a peaceful and happy atmosphere. My son is unrully and doesn’t listen to us. My birth timing are 11.40 am, !6 July 1980,JAIPUR(Rasthan)

    • Dear Anamika Sharma
      Rahu is not strong and hence when during Rahu maha dasa may hinder you. So its better to perform Rahu kethu pooja. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesh and then do rahu kethu pooja.
      At Home –
      Establish a saffron idol of Ganapathy in you pooja room and worship daily.
      Then worship Lord Subrahmanya (Karthikeya) daily or every Tuesdays.
      Then Lord Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      To get protected from your enemies worship Goddess Durga by reciting Durga Gayathri Manthra daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
      Sit in front of a Durga statue or photo during sunrise time and recite the following mantra for 108 times – “Aum Mahaa-Dhevyai Cha Vidmahe”
      “Durgaayai Cha Dheemahe”
      “Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath.”
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • sir

    i face many type of problems . last year my visa refused and i applied appeal in dec2017 pls suggest me second time visa is ok or not
    my date of birth 27-04-1980, timing 01:59am, amritsar (punjab

    pls help me

    • Dear Neetu
      We do not predict about foreign scope in horoscope.
      Just worship Lord Ganesh and Hanuman daily to bless you. If your prayers pleases then your problems in getting visa may be solved.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • i am facing problem in my career. please suggest
    will 2018 bring good results for my career
    dob:03apr 1986
    time:04.55 am
    place kolkata, india

    • Dear Royna Sarkar
      we do not give future predictions. Just only dosha and remedies.
      You are having Kaala sarpa dosha and presently in Rahu maha dasa till 11.2023. you may have problems till the finish of the maha dasa period.
      Perform Rahu Kethu pooja every year on a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya. Recite rahu manthra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • My husband DB 7-12 -1973 TIME 13:25 Place : Mumbai he is under Rahul MD from 2015 he is facing problem in job can u please recommend us any remedy

    Thank you

    • Dear Rani
      Rahu kethu pooja is the one need to do every year for better result or to pacify Rahu.
      Or simply worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya Visnu and Garuda daily or every Saturdays.
      Recite Garuda Gayathri Manthra daily for 108 times early in the morning is also a best remedy.
      Before doing any sort of poojas at home or temples, vraths start with ganesh pooja for better result.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Jatin Ghai
      Dealings of earth products, gemstone dealers, garment and textile, fashion designers, professions dealing with pet animals; gardeners, farmers, advertising agencies, salespersons; real estate,
      Need to maintain more patience in handling any business or trading. Creates hurdles if you present over confidence or eagerness / aggressiveness. You need to control these trait. You indecisiveness also creates problems to you sometimes.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir,
    My son’s DOB is April 11 1999. He was born in Florida USA in New Port Richey
    He has rahu mahadasha for the last 10 years. He has negative rahu effect and his rahu is is 4th house.
    Family issues. Running away from home, no focus on studies, on the phone and Internet all day long if I take it away he gets very angry. He then turns on TV. Extremely addictive personality.
    How can we help him for good?
    He is going bad. Need your blessings

      • Dear Amith
        Sorry we did not noticed time details that you send us.
        Here – yes malefic rahu placed in 4th house is not benefic for education that too during Rahu dasa will give adverse effect on his mentality and result in obstacles in studies since because of Rahu he will be more interested towards computers and technology. Also Mercury is debilitated placed. He may be like that till the end of this dasa period that is till 06.2023.
        Its better to make him concentrate more technically on computers rather than wasting on computers and phones. Try to understand him that he can do wonders on computers and make him concentrate on Computer languages or related to that. he can do that well.
        But do poojas as i mentioned before. Since Rahu is placed malefic he is creating obstacles in his education as well as making him constructive.
        Rahu kethu pooja is must for him. Or need to worship Garuda regularly, sincerely.
        Better take him for a medical counselling just for making him understand.
        Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Amith
      There is no time of birth to check his horoscope. Send his time and name and i wil comment about our possible readings.
      But as you are telling we could suggest –
      Need to perform Rahu kethu pooja every year is beneficial. Since you are in USA you cant be able to perform the parihara pooja right. Hence do like this –
      You Amit – if you could convince you son to sit along with you in pooja then make him to sit or simply do this with your wife or alone. You do this pooja when he is at home.
      On a Garuda Panchami Day start this pooja. First after a head bath – Arrange some white flowers, Bananas. Prepare some Jaggery rice, place a lower bed wooden stool and cover with a silk or normal new white clothe and sit on it (one each).
      First worship Lord Ganesh – any naama manthra for 108 times or any sthothrams, then Lord Subrahmanya – any sthothrams or Skandha sashti kavach.
      Place a Shiva Linga in a small bowl and perform water abhishekam by reciting Om Namah Shivaya for 108 timesa, then Shiva Panchakshari.
      If he do all the above remedies then well and fine if not you can do the remedies on behalf of him.
      Pooja – You can perform Sathyanarayana Vratham. For this pooja also if he sits well and fine if not you do it.
      Also he should be deviated from that habbit. One expedient i can suggest. This is scientificially proven. If he likes pet animals then buy / present him a dog and tell him to take care of that. may he can spend some time with that and that may change him. Or know which game he likes and make him spend more time on that. make him concentrate more on games and that also may make him to think.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir, I am facing some problems with my career and personal life and obstacles are observed in everything I do. Kindly guide me.

    Time :2:38 AM place :Trivandrum, kerala

    • Dear Sharath
      Presently you are Jupiter dasa where Jupiter is ill placed in your chart and hence the suffering with those problems.
      Chant Guru mantra or Guru stotra will reduce negative results of Jupiter in this dasa. Also can recite Dhatthathreya manthra.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu in early morning.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • my name is rishi. DOB 02/01/1979. Place of Birth: Delhi.Wanted to know about career house as of yet I am not settled in my career.

  • Hello. I am Alice, born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on 16th August 1998 at 13:45 PM. I am currently running through Rahu-Mercury-Rahu Dasha. I am facing problems in my educations, especially in 2013-2014 and 2015-2016. Will these setbacks ever end? Also I am facing extreme disputes with my father who constantly fights with me over no reason at all and is always trying to upset me. Please tell me why this is. Thank you.

    • Dear Alice
      You have Kaal Sarp Dosh and since you are in Rahu maha dasha since 06.2008 – you are facing troubles.
      Some of the major planets are placed debilitated and weak and hence not able to complete or disturbed education and quarrels with your father.
      Also Kthus placement makes you not listen to good words and hence may the reason quarrels with dad.
      Just try to listen to your dad words, share you problems with your dad, like what you want, what you can do and what your dad expects from you. The smart you behave the troubles with you dad will be reduced.
      Remedies –
      Need to perform Rahu kethu pooja on Saturday or Sunday rahu kaal time.
      Daily recite Rahu manthra for 108 times.
      Manthra :- Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      Or simply recite Garuda Manthra daily or every Saturdays for 108 times –
      Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe !! Suvarna Pakshaya Dheemahe !! Thanno Garuda Prachodayath !!
      Make sure if you practice reciting the above said manthras at home may not disturb your home environment.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir, my name is Rajat, DOB 7th oct, 1977, time : 7:56 am, Place Ambala Cantt. Sir, i am facing many issues in my life. I don’t have a job, kindly tell me some remedies for getting a job. Life is very defficult without a job. I will be thankful to you sir.

    • Dear Rajat
      You have Kaala Sarp Dosh.
      You need to perform Rahu kethu pooja on Thursday rahu kaal time. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesh and then do the rahu ketthu pooja.
      Recite any Ganesh naama manthra for 108 times or slokam etc. then recite Rahu manthra for 108 times and then Jupiter (Guru) for 108 times daily or every Thursdays and Saturdays.
      Or you can recite the Garuda Gayathri Manthra (instead of rahu manthra) daily or every Saturdays in the early moning hours before sun rise. Attend Sai Baba Aarathi pooja on every Thursdays.
      Jupiter placed malefic and hindering your opportunity. Also rahu and kethu. So do as i said above and try to get the blessing of the lords and so that you can get your desire done.
      One more remedies for Rahu kethu dosh –
      You can establish a Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hello pandit ji,

    My name is gurmeet I am not able to. Concentrate on studies for longer time.Please suggest me remedies for betterment of life so it’s help me from every aspect of my life.Please how will be my future career growth and life.
    Gurmeet 9:30 AM Delhi 12sept84

    • Dear Gurmeet
      We do not give future prediction on career and life but only about some dosha presence.
      There seems no dosha in your chart. Venus is placed malefic in 12th house and at present you are in Venus Maha dasa. Actually this placement hinders ones married life and some health problems.
      There seems no astrological reasons for your concentration problem.
      You will / may gain wealth thro your life partner since Mars is placed in Dhana sthana.
      just follow the remedies –
      first avoid non veg and alcohol (if) for ever is better or at least during the worship.
      First start with Ganesha ji worship by reciting any of his naama manthra for 108 times or any sthothrams. Then worship Lord Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans of Lord Rama or his naam smaran for 108 times.
      Visit Hanuman ji temple on Tuesdays or Saturdays and circumnavigate Navagrahas.
      Daily have a saffron naam / dot on your forehead.
      Also Durga matha worship gives beneficial. Visit Durga matha temple on Tuesdays and Fridays and pray at home too.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Aparna
      Your job house is occupied by a weak planet and Guru planet is placed malefic and hence suggesting the below remedies –
      Recite Jupiter Manthra daily or every Thursday and Maha Vishnu.
      First worship Lord Ganehsa – any naama manthra for 108 times and then
      Recite Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram daily before 05.30 or 06.00 am daily or every Saturdays.
      Guru (Jupiter) Manthra for 108 times:-
      Devanam cha rishinam cha Gurum kaanchan Sannibhaam
      Buddhi bhutam Trilokesham tam namaami Brihaspatim.
      If possible attend Sai Baba Aarathi pooja on every Thursdays.
      Get the assistance / directions of a good career consultant to achieve a job. Or a Guru / Teacher etc,.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hi,my name is kavitha my daughter dob 23rd December 1995 .11:30am place of birth Secunderabad. My daughter discontinued her studies. Please tell me remedies

    • Dear Kavitha
      She has Kaala sarpa dosha and hence may be the problem. So perform rahu kethu pooja.
      From 07.2023 rahu maha dasha will be starting and till 07.2041, and may get more troubles or not depends on her sincere worship. Rahu kethu dosha may gets dissolved after the completion of the rahu maha dasa only. So need to perform rahu kethu nivarana pooja every year or once in every six months for best. Do this pooja on a sashti thithi rahu kalam time.
      Other remedies –
      Establish Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra or two hood of naaga in your pooja room and worship daily or every saturdays.
      Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year.
      Recite Rahu mantra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Observe fast on Naga Panchami every year.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam before doing rahu kethu pooja.

      Need to check for more details if you want regarding education.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hello guruji,
    I am born on 19-12-68 @10:50 pm in Chennai. I am currently working but I always feel tensed and pressured, i believe it’s ue to shani 7.5 and rahu mahadasha.i also have a lot of family issues.
    What should I do to get some relief from this? I do were pukhraj stone ring. And chant 108 times rahu beej mantra every wed.and shani mantra on sat.

    • Dear Bhavesh
      Yes if it is there then troubles will be there Bhavesh.
      Just worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya, Hanuman and Rahu by reciting their naama manthra for 108 times or any sthothrams daily and visit temples regularly.
      Also perform rahu kethu pooja if you feel more troubled. First offer worship to lord Ganesh and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,
    My details are 17/04/90, time – 6.04 am, place ujjain MP
    I want to know by when I can get married , will it be an arranged or love marriage? I am currently settled abroad. After marriage any foreign settlement chances? I want to know about my career as well . Currently facing a lot of difficulties and there is no satisfaction.

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Aditi
      May get marry during or before or after 29th year.
      Regarding lorve or fixed and Career need to check that we do not do.
      Visit Mangalnath Temple and perform Mangal dosha pooja to remove obstacles in your marriage. If this dosha gets reduced then your career problem may also get reduced.
      Also daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you so much for your reply. I am not mangalik still I have to perform the mangal dosh puja. What is the exact reason for the delay in marriage?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Dear Aditi
          Mars i placed neutral which is either goo d or bad aspected by malefic planet Jupiter. This may create obstacles even if you are not manglik. Hence i told to visit the temple.
          Here one more concept to be analysed with the degree of the placement which takes some more time. So we cant at present.
          So if you can do it you may do it or not interested then you may leave.
          One more remedy that i can suggest is visit and worship Lord Dhatthathreya or Sai Baba in Aarathi pooja daily or every Thursdays is also beneficial.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • Dear Sir,
            Thank you so much for your reply. I am visiting India so will perform the Mangal dosh puja in ujjain.
            I am already fasting on Thursdays for the past couple of months and recently have started visiting Sai baba temple on thursdays. Any other remedies that I can do apart from this?

            Thank you for your time and consideration.

            • Dear Aditi
              Just follow what i said sincerely and try to get blessings of the lord.
              Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste,

    My name is Sreekumar. Currently working in Dubai. Due to financial problem I am in so much tension. After consulting astrologer I have done so many remedies, still no change in financial condition, day by day its getting worst. Currently I am under rahu and rahu antar dasha till Jul 2018. Please suggest what remedy to be done. In august we went Sri Kalahasti and Thirumala.

    My birth details as below.
    19 Jun 1981
    04:34 AM
    Trichur, Kerala, India

    • Dear Sreekumar
      It is due to the malefic Rahu and kethu and going thro Rahu dasha.
      See Kumar, to pacify a malefic planet like rahu you should keep on doing regular worship and pariharam then only rahu pacifies. Also rahu in his dasa when when malefic placed give troubles only.
      So sincerely keep on worship at home and parihara pooja – rahu kethu pooja every year or when ever possible but with six months gap. Also you should first offer poojs to Lord Ganesha and then to rahu kethu pooja.
      And at home daily recite naama manthra of LordGanesh, Subrahmanya – skandha sashti kavach and Lord Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also recite Rahu manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Also your lagna lord and Jupiter (guru) are weak and hence could not able to pick your fortune.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Sreekumar
          Recite Guru (Jupiter) manthra daily or every Thursdays for 108 times and attend Aarathi pooja of Sai Baba.
          Also worship Lord Krishna or recite Vishnu Sahasranamavali sthothram daily in the early morning before sun rise time.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaskar sir .my date of birth is 17 Nov 1988.at 1:00pm in siliguri.my problem is I lose my lose my after every 3 ,4 months. Kindly help.thank you.

    • Dear Abhishek
      You have a high Mangal dosh. This dosha creates obstacles in your professional and married life.
      Remedies –
      Visit and worship, do pooja at Mangalnath temple in Ujjain.
      Worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily and visit Hanuman ji temple on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
      Avoid nonveg and alcohol thro out for a better life.
      Sincer devoted worship only can lead to a better life.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • MY date of birth 30/october/1986.8:40 A.M LahorePakistan.Please tell me when i will get married?will i have successful marriage?please reply me soon thanks.

    • Dear Arooj Farzand
      You may get marry at the age of 37th year – need to check some more aspects which needs an indeep analysis of some planets positions.
      You have Mars dosham and hence a delay. Since Mars is a bad planet as per your ascendant we cannot explain.
      About successful married life depends upon the girl you marry with good compatibility the period / year you get marry.
      See Arooj we believe in certain beliefs which you may not be able to follow. For the dosha whivh I mentioned should be done some remedies to reduce the malefic effect to get marry.
      May the Almighty bless you.

        • Dear Arooj
          Extremely sorry Farzand. I did not noticed. Accept my apology.
          Okay what sort of help do you need. If you post then i will help as per that.
          We believe in certain matching. It is also once sort science only – human physic science. With we do some coalculate about the possibility about how marriage life or upcoming problems in the matter of child, finance, health issues etc,. i dont know whether you have those or not.
          Thing is that you have Mangalya dosham means lack of luck in Nikkha or fortune in early marriage. For that we do certain poojas in some hindu temples or just reciting some manthras believing that the error will be reduced and then get marry.
          Once again sorry on my part.

            • Dear Arooj
              This is a free service in which we look to some extent and not every thing.
              To check your query need to analyse some more aspects. We do not do that. It comes under paid services as we do that also when we have time only.
              So you may check out some others source for an in depth analysis of your horoscope to know about your marriage life status.

  • Sir/Madam
    My daughters date of birth is 12/09/1990 at 3:43pm. Her marriage is delaying
    Kindly tell me the reason and solution

    • Dear Lalitha
      Tell your daughter to follow the below mentioned remedies –
      Daily need to worship Lord Ganesha by reciting OM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH for 108 times except those days.
      Then recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily or every Thursdays and Shukra Manthra for 108 days daily or every Fridays.
      Best poojas to be done at home –
      Mangal dosha pooja and Sathya Narayana Pooja.
      Also perform Rahu kethu pooja for once on an auspicious Tuesday. First worship lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Sir
      My daughter date of birth is 12/09/1990 at 3:43 PM. Her behaviour is not at all proper and her marriage also delaying I don’t know what to do why it is so please tell me the reason and solution

      • Dear Pratima Mishra
        You have Naaga dosham and hence not getting married.
        About job need to check with the present transit about the faulty placement.
        Need to perform Naaga Prathishta (can be done at Triyambakeshwar, Nashik, Kukke Subrahmanya temple near Bengaluru, Karnataka) rahu kethu pooja every year and other remedies such as
        Best fasting day is on Naga Panchami festival day that falls every year.
        Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year and visit Naaga devatha temple.
        Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
        Tuesday with Chathurthy, Panchami, Sashti, Pournima, Amavasya thithi rahu kalam is very auspicious for marriage or any other day with the mentioned thithi (lunar day) is best to perform Rahu kethu pooja.
        This dosha will also gives financial troubles.
        Om Namah Shivaya

  • I am Dr. Roshan kumar shah from nepal country. My date of birth 1980/march/7. I had passed mbbs 3 year back but due to our country licence exam i didn’t getting pass i become frustrated what to do. And I m trying to do any work in any field i m not getting success in any field i m unsuccessful what to do what happening with me really i become depressed. I m married also and i have 2 kids but due to unsuccessful in my life we became frustrated please advise me

    • Dear Roshan kumar shah
      Need time of birth also to chart and check your natal chart.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hi Sir.
    I am living in Australia last 9 years. PR Applied but waiting 17 months to file open. There is rahu dosh in my kundali. I had very stress in 2016-17. Plz check it and tell when my good time will start. 30 July 1985 Jagraon(punjab). 9pm.
    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Paramjit Kaur
      We give only about the presence of dosha and remedies and not about precise prediction or deep analysis as your query needs that.
      If it is Rahu maha dasa and if you are facing any troubles need to check with the present transit as seeing your lagna kundali it shows no malefic of rahu to touble in the maha dasa.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Usha
      Need time and place of birth also and mention what aspect do you want.
      If possible we try to find as per our possibility.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Usha
          We do not check for this. Just perform Saraswathi pooja or Sathyanarayana pooja in your home. Also you did not mentioned date check for any dosha also. Regarding the above pooja please contact a nerby purohith and he will guide =for you how to do the poojas. Poojas wont take not more that 1500 rs.
          Tell her to worship Lord Ganesh and Hanuman and saraswathi matha on every Tuesdays and Fridays.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir..my son dob 06-10-87..2:10 am..place of birth .nizamabad..marriage getting delayed plz suggest any help or remedies

  • Sir my birth date is 05 December 1985 in guwahati at 7 :30pm.I’m going through mahadasa of rahu .I’m suffering from bad health .kindly advice what to do.

    • Dear Madhumita
      You have Naaga dosham. yes since rahu and kethu are malefic and presently in the Rahu maha dasha you may get evil thoughts, dreams etc and health issues.
      To overcome from this negative effects chant Durga Sthothram (daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays), Rahu manthra (daily or every Saturdays).
      Perform Naaga Prathishta, Rahu kethu pooja or visit and worship the Naaga devathas daily or every Tuesdays rahu kalam time and offer lemon shell lamp.
      At home worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Keep two idols of snakes and worship daily or as per your possibility.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Date of birth-12/08/1995.
    Time of birth-11:22 pm
    Given a competitive exam of MBA today from 10am to 12:30pm. Some part of the paper didn’t gone well although i had practiced for that. It seems in question paper the questions are easy and i can do it but i couldn’t memorize the process while answering. Is it due to my rahu or some other negative aspect?

    • Dear Shalini Sinha
      You have Naaga dosham. yes, also Saturn is not placed well. Hence such problems.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on Saturday with Thithit such as Panchami, Sashti, Amavasya, Pournami.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman sincerely will boost your confidence of sure to beat any competition exams.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • hi my DOB is 10-July-1977, time 11:45 am place valsad gujarat.
    going through rahu mahadasha. please let me know how to reduce the melific effect or rahu dasha. passing through bad mental, physical, financial problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Amit
      Anantha Kaala sarpa dosham and passing thro Rahu Maha dasha may certainly creates problems you mentioned. This may effect till the completion of the dasa – 08.2032.
      Perform Kaala Sarpa dosha nivarana pooja on any Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays with Panchami, Amavasya, Sashti, Pournami thithis raahu kaala time. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Establish Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra in your home and worship it daily.
      Best fasting day is on Naga Panchami festival day that falls every year.
      Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year.
      Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Do abhishek (bathe the deity) of lord Shiva for 30 days during the month of Shravana.
      Or simply Worship Lord Ganesha – any naama manthra for 108 times, Subrahmanya – Skandha sashti kavach or any other sthothra or OM SARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAH for 108 times and Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha. If you could please these lords with your prayers then malefic planets wont trouble you.
      This dasa period may be very tough only Amith. Daily worship, possitive thinking, regular yoga aasans will make you travel in the right direction with peace of mind.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Hi there my son is born on 25 March 2017 in Montreal Canada . He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (neurological problem) please give me remedies for his rahu dosh and any other remedies please help

  • Sir my son shashwat was born on 24 – 09 1988 at Saharanpur at 10 am.sharp.He is not in a healthy state now.very much anxiety & not able to study. Please suggest something.

    • Dear Gunjan
      Its because of Rah & Saturn not placed well.
      Remedies –
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja for once on any Saturdays rahu kalam time. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      At Home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily for best result or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Always have saffron dot on your forehead.
      Perform Hanuman pooja at your home or visit any famous ancient Hanuman perform pooja there.
      Don’t – non veg or alcohol during Hanuman ji worship.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Sir namastey i am suffering from rahu dosha..my birthchart details is 10sept 1991.morning 7.15am guwahati..plz help me..

    • Dear Tinkumoni ray
      No you dont have rahu dosha but is placed in neutral only.
      Just perform Rahu kethu pooja if you are scare of such placement. Pay first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu poja.
      Are you married, or what sort of problem are you suffering please mention.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • It need some more analysis to conclude. We do not as we dont have have that much time. So please try to understand. Just worship Lord Ganesha daily sincerely and of sure he will troubleshoot your problems and desires.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hlo sir
    I m suffering from rahu Dasha from 2016 and it will be till 2034. I m not selecting in any exams actually I want to clear ips. My date of birth is 12 October 1984. Time is 13.32 pm and place of birth is Meerut.
    M very much disappointed plz help me

    • Dear Kapil verma
      There is no kaala sarpa dosham, but has Low mangal dosham.
      Need to check with the present transit position to give you conclusion about your query.
      Just follow the remedies –
      Daily start with Ganesh ji worship – any naama manthra for 108 times, then during the sun rise time worship Lord Sun – Sun Gayathri Manthra for 108 times, then Worship Lord Hanuman – recite Hanuman chaleesha.
      Have saffron dot on your forehead always and visit Hanuman temples every Tuesdays or Saturdays.
      Since you lagna lord Saturn worship him on every Saturdays.
      Every Saturdays or daily circumnavigate Navagrahas. Offer til abhishek on a Saturday when every it is possible.
      Do the above worship sincerely devotedly and you may hit the exams with full confidence. Make your request with the lord after every worship. Or write your request with your name gothra and then your need in a white paper, fold from downward first and left and right sides leaving upwards and again repeat the same totalling six times. Keep the paper near the lord and then worship.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Babu
      Kalyana katta means which temple. Please mention and we send you details if we have.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,
    I am having Rahu Mahadasha and Sadesati and getting all malefic results as mentioned in your post.
    Plus I also lost my job, failed in exams, education is disrupted and have severe stomach problems since Jan last year.
    Situation is still worsening, even after trying my best.
    Please suggest what should I do.

    11 Jan 86
    11:35 am lucknow.

    • Dear Aman
      You have Kaala sarpa dosham and in the Rahu Maha dasha till 05.2022. so till the completion of the dasa period you may suffer from the existing problems.
      Remedies for Kaala Sarpa dosha –
      Perform the Kaala Sarpa dosham pooja on Sashti thithi rahu kalam time.
      Establish Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.
      Visit and worship Naaga devatha in temple after observing a fast on every Naga Panchami. – you may not observe fast since suffering from stomach problem right so perform fast by taking fruit juices or liquid food such as Ragi mix etc,. but check for your possible and observe. Dont take risk if you cant stay a fast.
      Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year.
      Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Install Lord Shiva Linga in your pooja room, do water abhishek to lord Shiva for 30 days starting on an auspicious Monday.
      Most auspicious manthra for bad health – Recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for 108 times daily or every Mondays between 06.00 – 07.30 pm.
      NOTE – be careful and choose the above remedies as per your possibilities and do it.
      Or simple worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya, Shiva, Durga maatha and Lord Hanuman daily by reciting their Gayathri manthras for 108 times and its more than enough to pacify the gods.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste sir,
    I am experiencing low hearing for the last 5-6 years and got to to know that this is due to Rahu’s effect. Kindly suggest the best way to make myself normal. Thank you.

    • Dear Siva Prasad
      Just worship Lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Rahu
      Ganesha – OM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH for 108 times daily.
      Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha (once) / Hanuman gayathri manthra for 108 times.
      Rahu – Rahu manthra for 108 times – daily or every saturdsys
      Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Dakshina Moorthy
      Remedies –
      At home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman (optional for betterment) daily.
      Worship Bhairava by reciting Kaala Bhairava Ashrakam or lord Shiva by Shiva Ashtakam or Rudhra Ashtakam.
      In Temple- Two poojas that you can do but can also choose as per you feasibility.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam at Sree Kalahasthi or any ancient Shiva temple. Also perform Chandi Homa pooja.
      Rahu stotra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays :-
      Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      Wear An 8 mukhi Rudraksha.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • in any circmustance trust god &say always thanks to god thanks to god is most power full mantra&best way of worship

  • I have chanted 21000 recitations of Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah and om aim hreem rahave namah for 6000 times. But lord rahu bestows me more malefic effect

    • Dear Manas Chakraborty
      Doing pooja is our duty but blessing / bestowing depends upon how we do the pooja / recite of manthra. Pacifying Rahu is not an easy task. Need continous / daily prayers.
      And one more thing what ever the pooja / manthra recite you do you need to start with a pooja or manthra recite dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Otherwise the pooja is said to be useless as per our Hundu tradition.
      Just check whether if you did so or not. And also dont stop for a stipulated of number times in the matter of pooja / manthra recite. Saying that i did this number of times and i did not get the or any fruits. Just read / look at the puranas how hard the sages performed the penances / yagas etc.
      Any pooja you do – do it in the early morning hours before sunrise or after sun set with normal loud voice. Dont recite in silent.
      Lord Narayana should be worsipped before sun rise and Lord Shiva after sun set, Rahu during rahu kaalam , like that – for better result.
      Om namah Shivaya

    • I am told only Vedic mantras should be recited and otherwise nothing works and beej mantras on the contrary irritate them. Even I am looking for some relief.i am severely afflected by Rahu.

      • Dear Viresh Arora
        The malefic power of a planet can be judged / concluded with the degrees of its position. If it is high in degrees it will take you to the worst stage, even your prayers goes in vain. So till its maha dasa will be passed away, rahu will do its duty. One cant escape from its effect. Its gods command or what we got from our early janma (birth). You need to accept it and try to learn something out of it which Raha is trying to teach you.
        There is some procedure to be followed while going to recite bheej manthras and even the Vedhic mantras. In basi one should be vegetarian etc,, If you fail to follow then it will give reverse effect. So i could suggest you – Just believe in god sincerely (even during your hard times) and recite only the naama manthra of any gods or goddess for 108 times with utmost faith, concentrated. It is all enough to pacify as a normal individual.
        The ill / reverse effect that you are suffering may be because of not starting worhip with Lord Ganesha. Remember any worship / havan etc, should be started first with Lord Ganesha worship. It removes obstacles, and leads your to a good finish. If you do not offer first worship then mostly it is said to be mere wast.
        Just think positively and forget about your negative sufferings then only you can achieve the positive energy from the prayers. After a bad suffering only good things comes. So just follow as i said.
        But need to know what pooja / recite manthra should we do. Unnecessarily we should not recite any manthras.
        Om Namah Shivaya