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A Malefic Shadowy Planet – Rahu

In hindu mythology Dragon head represents Rahu and this is not observed as heavenly and doesn’t have a shape and size like other plantes. Rahu is considered as a shadowy planet which has profound and predictable impact on human lives which governs one’s ego, anger, mentality, lust liquor habbit, robbery, black magic, hidden money, gambling, etc. Rahu is the cause for the solar eclipse to spread darkness by swallowing the Sun and the Moon. The position of Rahu in the astro chart indicates long journey. The time which is influenced by Rahu is called as Rahu Kalam which is considered as inauspicious.
Rahu Planet

Rahu A Dragon Head – A Myth:

Lot of stories is spread over about the Rahu. Vedic mythologists believe Rahu is a demon that has the characteristics of a dragon hence represents a head of dragon snake. According to Hindu puranas with the aim of getting Amrut by churning the ocean both Demons (asuras) and the deities (devtas) were in a war. With the intention to divert this war Lord Vishnu took Mohini avatar to mesmerize the Asuras. A witty dragon among the asuras understood the intention of Lord Vishnu tried to inhale the Amrut. By seeing this Lord Vishnu cut this demons head before consuming the Amrut. Thus the demons head and body got pieced in two parts. Thus the head of the dragon was named as “Rahu” and the other part was named as “Ketu”. Thus the time influenced by Rahu is called Rahu Kaal which is considered as unfavourable period. The best way to control the negative effects is to do Rahu Pooja or chanting mantra of Rahu.

Astrological facts about Rahu:

Vedic astrology says Rahu is the north node of moon and hence he is a nodal planet. He is portrayed as a dragon without body riding a chariot with 8 black horses.he doesn’t own a zodiac sign and is unfriendly to Leo and Cancer.

Rahu is supposed to be the cause darkness of solar eclipse by swallowing the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu is considered for most of the wrong things like evil thoughts, dishonesty, cheating, untruthfulness, gambling, stealing, etc., which leads to imprisonment.

Westeners believe that Rahu is benefice in nature and he can convert even an enemy into a friend.

Horoscope houses and Rahu’s position in them:

Rahu plays a vital role as per one’s horoscope. Rahu can be beneficial if he is in the good house vice versa he can create badly to the extent of death if he is in a wrong house. Astrologers consider Rahu’s transit very consciously. It is essential for us to know about the influence of Rahu with the twelve houses.

If Rahu’s position in one’s birth chart is in:-

  • House 1: will have diseased or unhealthy child
  • House 2: unfavorable things like child loss, involvement in disputes, more than one wife
  • House 3: interest in agriculture, food items will be in abundance
  • House 4: unreliable and has suspicious mind
  • House 5: involve in evil activities which has an impact on children’s
  • House 6: life will be filled with enjoyment
  • House 7: arrogant, health will be affected, and has two wives
  • House 8: confused, worried, depressed, aimless and unhealthy
  • House 9: dislikes parents, birth will be in lower cast, will enjoy all comforts in material world
  • House 10: not pious and has company with widows
  • House 11: success, achievement and abundance of wealth and property
  • House 12: vision problem, lies a lot, sinner and unprincipled.
A Malefic Shadowy Planet – Rahu

2 thoughts on “A Malefic Shadowy Planet – Rahu

  1. Jay Shri Krishna
    I am concern of career of my daughter yashvi her birth details are 1 April 2013 birth place vadodara birth time 16:19 IST
    I am concern in that sense if you guide me I can mold her interest in such field please advise any remedies or stone needs to wear ( I have listen her 8th house is disturb is it true?)

    1. Dear Hina
      Accounts, Bank Jobs, forensic experts. Her education will be normal.
      For her there may be some hurdles in her career.
      Yes eight house Ayu shtanam is not that much good. but no need to worry.
      Follow the Remedies sincerely regularly and sure she may get good time in ahead –
      Daily or regular worship of Lord Ganapathy is must. Other such as Maha Vishnu (avathaar such as Rama, Krishna) and Hanuman also is beneficial.
      Best poojs Subrahmanya pooja – a vrath can be observed on every of possible Shukla paksha sashti thithi is advantageous.
      Reciting Guru Manthra daily or every Thursdays and attending Sai Aarathi is beneficial.
      Before starting to study reciting Saraswathi manthra is must.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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