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How to Make Rahu Positive, Remedies for Rahu Deva, Rahu Remedies


In general people are afraid of Rahu, let us have some inputs about it.

Rahu’s Effects on Home:
We can identify by seeing ones home, block of flats, neighborhood etc., if rahu is in a positive or negative position. If we could see a house without love, unity, peacefulness, fights, sibling’s rivalry etc., it shows the negativity of Rahu in such family. The impact can be seen in children’s too – the growth gets affected, children always keep talking about study in hostel or to move away from the house for job.

Indications on house if Rahu is in negative position:

1) House will have continuous water stagnation
2) House will be filled with dust and dirt
3) Plants won’t grow well
4) Inspite of the natural lighting electrical power would always be required
5) Inspite of good salary Servant or employees won’t last longer
6) Constant small issues like milk getting spoiled, things getting lost causing distraction
7) Affects people in the age group of 38-45yrs
8) Persistant stomach related problems
9) Spending money on bad stuff
10) Unknown fear will be there
11) Crack or fall of the wall in the kitchen
12) No happiness

Rahu Remedies

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on House:

* In the entrance of the house either hang or burry a white cloth tied with misiri(form of a sweet), black lentils, gomed stone and silver.
* Do remedies to pitru dosh and everyday donations is advised.
* The name of the house should always be in the ancestors name.
* Work like sitting, eating having a plant or a pot with flower and food for birds has to be done in the East part of the house.

Impact of Rahu on 3:
There are both positive and negatives caused by Rahu. Rahu helps those in the field of civil services, politics, engineering etc., if a person gives excuses for everything he may be asked to do is the negativity of Rahu. But, in spite of its negativity if a person works hard then Rahu will start giving more energy to them. It is advised to be under the shade and guidance of a guru, even if one doesn’t be with the guru they can have their picture which will help them to succeed in life. Vice versa for children under the influence of Rahu should be engaged in sports and for adults it is advised for hard work e.g. motorcycle.

Indications on Individuals if Rahu is in negative position:

The following things can be found in a person who is having negative impact of Rahu which will create problems in one’s future:

# Sleep and wake-up will be late
# Won’t believe in traditions or rituals
# Will be addicted to alcohol, drugs etc
# Couldn’t concentrate in one particular thing
# Will get addicted to electronic instruments
# Becomes angry, irritable, violent to an extent of breaking things. If married it may lead to a break in the relationship
# Gets excited, tells lies and gives excuses

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on individuals:

# For lack of study, fearfulness and anger wear a sandalwood tied in blue thread
# Ashoka leaves, few drops of sandalwood perfume or oil to your bath
# Early in the morning drink sandalwood juice
# Avoid late night eating, left over foods etc
# Feed fish
# Donate water, 4 coconuts in temple during Amavasya
# Eat and drink coconut
# Chanting of mantra for Rahu—OM RAA(N) RAHVE NAMAHA

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Note: We will give astrological reading / solution for those who are longing for children and do not give predictions for Job, etc.


  1. Hello Pandit ji Namshkar,

    Please help, on my experiences that I see dreams of my ancestors a lot of times, they come in dreams having ailments in leg and ask me to bring some medicine, I also have dreams of that I have my clothes lost and I am bare bodied. My dob is 29 Aug 1987 Time 17 40 in Mathura. Please help with remedy.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Dear Rishi
      There is no Pithra dosham, Rahu kethu dosham or even Naaga dosham. But need to check your horoscope in deep to know the precise cause.
      But if you find any such then perform Pinda dhaan on Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Panchami thithi (Lunar day) as per your date of Birth.
      And offer medical assistance or feed old age people in old age homes on regular basis and get their blessings.
      Also you can perform Rahu kethu pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Kumar
      You may send your details to this comment section and we will send you the details without posting in the comment section to your mail.
      Om Namah Shviaya

  2. Namashkar Pandit ji,

    My wife’s dob is 06 Nov 1987,time 8 40 am, in Aligarh, please tell some remedy she is going through Rahu Mahadasha.
    Rishi Raj

  3. Namashkar Pandit ji,

    I want to give lots of wishes and thanks to you for replying our queries so swiftly, this is really helpful. This time I want to ask for my wife DoB is 06 Nov 1987, time 8 40 am, Place Aligarh, actually she is going through a bad phase of life after marriage in 2013 nov. She is going through severe pain in body, blood circulation issues and bone calcium defeciency, she is not able to attain respect even after all hard work and labour. Please tell if she will be able to do in future what she needs, because the circumstance has lowered her confidence as well. Please could you give some remedy to here, would be very great full of you.
    Rishi Raj

    • Dear Rishi Raj
      Very much please to hear for the care that you show for your wife. May God bless you and your wife soon to recover.
      Presently your spouse is under Rahu Maha dasa period till 2031. Hence all the suferings in Physical, mentally like social backwardness etc.
      Remedies –
      Rudhra Abhishekam to Lord Shiva and Rahu kethu pooja should be done every year on a Krishna Paksh Pachamai or Amavasya or Full moon day rahu kaal time.
      Also attending Pradosha pooja at Shiva temple is beneficial and reciting Mrithyunkeya manthra for 108 times daily or every Mondays evening after sun set time is beneficial for good health.
      Visiting Templs and worship of Lord Hanuman is also best.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Sir my dob is 12/9/1975. Birth time 01:55 am place Bijapur Karnataka state. Ilost my job after working 12 years in a private bank when will I get job and also I have lendeded some money that person is not returning my money I am in deep distressed…

    • Dear Asad
      Sorry we can make your query. Just worship Lord Ganesh daily before sun set time by reciting STHOTHRAM, AND OM GHAM GANESHAYA NAMAH for 108 times making your request to him orally or written in a white paper and keep it befor the lord.
      And recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily or every thursdays. if your prayers reaches the lord then your obstacles worries etc will be resolved soon. Sincerely believe him and pray to get Lord Ganesh blessings. There is nont other than Ganesh to troubleshoot.
      Om Namah Shivya

  5. Namashkar Pandit ji,
    I want to ask for my sister, she is always ill, here body aches all the time and she is not able to eat food also she has cramps in stomuch, she is having bad dreams as well, here date of birth is 16 Sep 1991, time 07:05 am in Mathura, please help with a remedy.
    Rishi Raj

    • Dear Rishi Raj
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam and then Rahu kethu pooja on a Krishna Paksh Panchami raahu kaal time.
      Also perform Mrithyunjeya manthra homa pooja at home or just tell her to recite the Mrithyunjeya manthra for 108 times or just hearing with devotion seated before Lord Shiva daily or every Mondays evening after sun set time.
      Om Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam, Urvarukmiv Bandhanat, Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat. For good health also you can recite this manthra and worship the lord.
      Attending Pradosh Kaal Pooja held at every Shiva Temples is also beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. respected sir ,
    my DOB is 31-10-1973,time 09:30 PM place -MANDSAUR (M.P.), need some improvement in proffesional.life . expences are always equals to what i earn.want to expand my business and source of income but dont know which field i should opt.plz guide me .

  7. Panditji Pranam,
    My DOB is 29/04/1990 Time : 07:00pm place Ramnagar(Nainital) UTTARAKHAND
    Pandit ji I am right now in a very bad mental state and going through depression. I am fearful of every small thing happens around me and it all started suddenly from feb 2018.
    I was working in Bangalore and left my job in April 2017 for preparation of UPSC and I gave 2018 attempt but couldn’t clear it. Now my mental state is so very bad that I am unable to focus on my studies and worldly things doesn’t allure me anymore. The condition is so severe that I most of tm the time think of suicide to end all the problems I am facing physically and mentally. My persanal relations are also not going well which is another reason of my condition. I have lost all my confidence.
    I have shown my kundali to other pandit jis also but they don’t say anything and don’t suggest any remedy apart from doing shiv Pooja which I do.
    I am in a very confused state whether to continue my preparation for UPSC or to do Job again but going back to bangalore is again scary for me and I don’t know why.
    Pandit ji please see and suggest some remedy so that I can come back to my track in life. Right now I am stuck and unable to do anything.

    • Dear Koyal
      Remedies for you –
      First daily worship Lord Ganesh – OM NAMO GANAPATHAYE NAMAH for 108 times.
      Then worship Lord Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha.
      Then recite Shukra Manthra for 108 times daily or every Fridays. Because of this planet also you are facing unstability of mind. So sincerely worship the lord.
      Presently you are in Saturn Maha Dasa 04.2030. so worship of Lord Hanuman and performing til abhishekam on possible Saturdays will give protection for you. Dont worship stand face to face while performing the abhishekam.
      Best pooja to get relief from fear – worship Lord Shiva Parvathi then recite MRITHYUNJEYA manthra should be recited for 108 times after sun set time on every Mondays or daily visiting Lord Shiva on Mondays is also better for you. If you would able to maintain a fast till evening, it would be more better. But not mandatory. You can eat fruits and drink milk in the mean time.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Respected Sir..
    My self Priya Singh Rao,my dob is 13/02/1987,birth place bokaro steel city,birth time 5:15Pm.
    I am married and i have 2years old baby boy.i am suffring from lots of family,economically problem..my married life is not gud at all..my husband don’t want to do any kind of job,he is doing food business but not getting success.i have also started clothing business but not getting su ccess.suffring from too much of financial problem.plz suggest what i do.

    • Dear Priya Singh
      Follow the below remedies – for you –
      Worship Lord Ganesh, Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha (Tuesdays and Saturdays or daily), Lord Shiva – Shiva Panchakshari Sthothram (daily or every Mondays evening after sun set time).
      Then recite Adithya Hridayam daily or every Sundays early morning when the sun is risitn.
      Perform Til Abhishekam at Navagrahas in any temple on any Saturdays after sun set time. Also never worship him face to face with bowed head and folded hands. Maintain some distance from when worshipping.
      If done rahu kethu pooja for you for once on a Krishna paksh panchami is beneficial.
      Yearly once perform Sathyanarayana Vrath pooja at your home.
      For your Business –
      Place a keriya Ganesh and Hanuman idol at your office room or in a separate room in your office. Keep the room very clean. You don’t enter the room wearing shoes of chapels and you never during your periods.
      Daily worship of the lords with two bananas is must and eat one each and you don’t during periods. Do the installation of the Ganesh and Hanuman idols with the help of a Priest.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  9. hello sir,
    my dob 24-4-1993
    birth time- 13:20 (1: 20 pm )
    birth place- bindki, fatehpur, uttar Pradesh
    my question is that I am always suffering my love life , please give some advises for my love life

    • Dear Supriya Omar
      Remedies –
      Its because of Mars placed very wea and you have Mangal dosh. Basically once who has this dosha will not / may not be possible to get attached with others.
      Worship Lord Ganesh and Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Visit Hanuman temple regularly.
      To achieve your love – take 108 white flowers (any with good fragrance) recite “OM LAKSHMI NARAYANAYA NAMAH” for 108 times on a first Thursday wanning moon of a fort night if possible or simply recite the manthra during the early morning hours before sun rise time every Thursdays or daily for best result. Offer one flower when finishing recite every one time.
      Offer jiggery rice.
      Arrange marriage is better for you. Marrying after 28 or 30 years of age is beneficial to lead a better marriage life.
      Om Namah Shiayva

  10. Hi pandit ji,
    My self Moumita. Date of birth 17.02.1983 on 10.35 p.m at westbengal budge budge. I am not getting proper job and having trouble to child birth. What to do?

    • Dear Moumita
      Worship Lord Ganesh and Hanuman every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also recite Shani sthothram daily or every Saturdays in the morning. Perform tila abhishekam on Saturdays when ever possible regularly – for child.
      Recite chandra manthra or Chandra gayathri manthra for 108 times daily or Lakshmi ashtakam daily or every Fridays for job.
      From 03.2019 you will be stepping into Chandra maha dasa –
      So unnecessary tensions, financial issues. family problems increases. dont invest in any sources.
      To overcome the negative effects of Moon in this dasha, you need to chant Chandra mantra or Siva panchakshari mantra. Also chant chandra graha stotras regularly.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Respected sir, my name is chandan kumar, dob:02/02/1987. Time 00:30(Am) location , motihari (bihar) . I am suffering from ill effect of rahu. My marriage is getting delay due to bad effect of rahu and relationship with others. Pls suggest me some remedies.

    • Dear Chandan
      If you feel that there is problem with rahu then just perform Rahu kethu pooja on a Krishna Paksha Panchami that falls after every Pournami.
      For this month its on 29th September 2018 between 0900 and 1030 you need to do the pooja.
      Establish a Kaala sarpa yantha at home on an auspicious day with the help of a priest and daily worship the yanthra will redice your problems.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  12. Dear Sir,
    5 Oct 1983, 6:40 PM, Kodarma (Jharkhand)
    I was working 2 years ago in a good company but due to politics, I had to resign. Since then I have not got any job. Please suggest what I should do.

    • Dear Sir,
      5 Oct 1983, 6:40 PM, Kodarma (Jharkhand)
      I was working 2 years ago in a good company but due to politics, I had to resign. Since then I have not got any job. Please suggest what I should do.
      Dear Gaurav
      You have Kaal sarp dosh. So happens so. You will be distracted for small things and scare or dislike and leave without fighting the consequences.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on any Sashti or Krishna Panchami lunar day rahu kaal time.
      You can also establish kaal sarp yanthra at home and worship daily or every Saturdays. But should consult a poojarin regarding the establishment. Or simply place a photo and recite rahu manthra for 108 times daily.
      Do the rahu kethu pooja once in a year regularly for some years may be for 7 consequitive year.
      Donate food to old people and get their blessings or donate feed or money for cows in gowshaal.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  13. My daughter’s dob is 8 July 1981. Hindrance in marriage. Please suggest me upay for her marriage

    • Dear Chowdary
      There is no time and place of birth and how can we. Please send it and we will give remedies or simply tell her to worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya daily or every Tuesdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  14. Hello sir
    My husband has all of these negative indications of Rahu but I’m not sure.. please suggest a remedy to solve these problems because they have already started affecting my marriage. I’m at a point where I cannot loose him but I cannot also put my 2 year old daughter’s life at stake because of his irresponsible behaviour. I need ur help at present pls..
    Name: Kailash
    Dob: March 7, 1990
    Time: 6:30 am

    • Dear Tanishka
      Need to perform Navagraha Shanthi pooja. Or simply tell him to circumnavigate Navagrahas daily or every Saturdays for a few months or a year.
      You Tanishka, worship Lord Ardhanareshwara daily or every Monday evening between 0600 and 0730 hrs to have a smooth familial life.
      Both need to start any pooja first offer worship to Lord Ganesh for the betterment.
      Also need to analyse the present transit of planet to know his present situation and a remedy.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Surita
      Just perform rahu kethu pooja on a shukla paksha sashti thithi rahu kaal time or on a Krishna paksha Panchami thithi (lunar day).
      Tell her to worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya and Goddess Durga daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays.
      Perforining Rudhra abhishekam and then rahu kethu pooja is beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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