Rahu Ketu Puja

How to Make Rahu Positive, Remedies for Rahu Deva, Rahu Remedies

In general, people are afraid of Rahu, let us have some inputs about it.

Rahu’s Effects on Home:

We can identify by seeing one’s home, a block of flats, neighborhood etc., if Rahu is in a positive or negative position. If we could see a house without love, unity, peacefulness, fights, sibling rivalry etc., it shows the negativity of Rahu in such a family. The impact can be seen in children’s too – the growth gets affected, children always keep talking about the study in a hostel or to move away from the house for a job.

Indications on the house if Rahu is in negative position:

1) House will have continuous water stagnation
2) House will be filled with dust and dirt
3) Plants won’t grow well
4) In spite of the natural lighting electrical power would always be required
5) In spite of good salary Servant or employees won’t last longer
6) Constant small issues like milk getting spoiled, things getting lost causing a distraction
7) Affects people in the age group of 38-45yrs
8) Persistent stomach related problems
9) Spending money on the bad stuff
10) Unknown fear will be there
11) Crack or fall of the wall in the kitchen
12) No happiness

Rahu Remedies

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on House:

* In the entrance of the house either hang or bury a white cloth tied with misiri(a form of a sweet), black lentils, gomed stone and silver.
* Do remedies to pitru dosh and everyday donations is advised.
* The name of the house should always be in the ancestor’s name.
* Work like sitting, eating having a plant or a pot with flower and food for birds has to be done in the East part of the house.

Impact of Rahu on 3:

There are both positives and negatives caused by Rahu. Rahu helps those in the field of civil services, politics, engineering etc., if a person gives excuses for everything he may be asked to do is the negativity of Rahu. But, in spite of its negativity if a person works hard then Rahu will start giving more energy to them. It is advised to be under the shade and guidance of a guru, even if one doesn’t be with the guru they can have their picture which will help them to succeed in life. Vice versa for children under the influence of Rahu should be engaged in sports and for adults, it is advised for hard work e.g. motorcycle.

Indications on Individuals if Rahu is in a negative position:

The following things can be found in a person who is having a negative impact of Rahu which will create problems in one’s future:

  • Sleep and wake-up will be late
  • Won’t believe in traditions or rituals
  •  Will be addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc
  •  Couldn’t concentrate on one particular thing
  •  Will get addicted to electronic instruments
  •  Becomes angry, irritable, violent to an extent of breaking things. If married it may lead to a break in the relationship
  •  Gets excited, tells lies and gives excuses

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on individuals:

# For lack of study, fearfulness and anger wear sandalwood tied in blue thread
# Ashoka leaves, few drops of sandalwood perfume or oil to your bath
# Early in the morning drink sandalwood juice
# Avoid late-night eating, leftover foods, etc
# Feed fish
# Donate water, 4 coconuts in the temple during Amavasya
# Eat and drink coconut
# Chanting of mantra for Rahu—OM RAA(N) RAHVE NAMAHA

Rahu Navagraha Pancha Sloki:

Rahu Graha Pancha Sloki in Telugu
Rahu Graha Pancha Sloki in English


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    • Dear Ankita Agarwal
      Need time and place of birth for both of you.
      Also mention for what purpose like Finance growth, Progeny etc, you want remedies.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,

    DOB: 24-January-1991
    Time: evening 7:44 pm
    Place: Thane, Maharashtra

    Constant fighting with father and delay in marriage, please advise, please guide

    • Dear Abhishek
      Kethu and Rahu are placed in 1 and 7th house respectively which is inauspicious.
      You have Kalathra dosham since Rahu is posited in 7th house, hence the delay in marriage.
      So Perform Rahu Kethu pooja on any Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays raahu kaal time.
      Also perform Rudhra Abhishekam in any ancient temple or just perform water abhishekam to a Shiva Linga at your pooja room and then dhup dheep aarathi and recite Maha Mrithyunjeya manthra for 108 times and Shiva Panchakshari Manthra after sun set time that is Pradosha kaal.
      Participating in Pradosha Kaal Pooja in temple on regular basis is also beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,
    I have faced lots of issue after 11-05-2018, I lost everything from family member to money and job. I started recovering now but under lot of fear, kindly guide me.
    MY DOB : 6th Aug 1973, Time : 06:35am, Place : Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

    • Dear Manish Anand
      Budha Maha Dasa from 03.2007 till 03.2024.
      Since Budha is not placed well and is a Maraka planet, loss of relatives friends is generla with some other impact on your health also.
      About Finance Budha, the ruler of your Financial life/ is the lord of your second house is a maraka planet and not placed well you will have Financial issues.
      Worship Lord Ganesh daily early morning and observe a fast on every Shukla Paksha Chathurthy thithi. Do this worship sincerely devotedly.
      Perform Ganapathy Homa if possible or else just worship the lord daily.
      Recite Budha Manthra for 108 times daily or every Wednesdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Amit
      Please make your request in English.
      দয়া করে আপনার অনুরোধটি ইংলিশ টিপিতে করুন
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • dear sir, ami khub ovab er modhe ache. janina keno amar ai obosta holo. doya kore jodi kchu upay bolen tahole khub upokrito hobo. kono stone kenar moto amar obosta nai. amake guide kore pls amar upokar korun. ami bhjhte parchi na ami ki korbo.

  • Namaskar,
    Name -priyanka das basu
    Place-burnpur,west bengal
    Time of birth-12.05pm
    Problem-I am married since 9yrs no kids
    Husband name Tirtha basu
    Place of birth -siliguri,westbengal

    • Dear Priyanka Das
      Every thing is good in your natal chart regarding Puthra bagyam but except bad luck is there.
      Please send your spouse time of birth also.
      We check compatibility and let you know any remedies.

      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaskar
    Myself Himanshi arora born on 7/10/1991 at 7:23 am in Faridabad Haryana.
    I m facing issues in terms of my relationships with everyone… In laws/husband/friends.
    Pls I want love and peace for all and from all. Help me out

    • Dear Himanshi Arora
      It is because of your Lagna lord is placed in 11th house, you are facing troubles with friends, so need to be very careful whild communicating with them and with your inlaws also. Communication is also one which disturbs your life. So be very careful in this regard also.
      Since the 7th Hours Lord placement in 12th house facing issues with husband,
      Need to Perform Rahu Kethu pooja on Pournami (full moon day) raahu kaal time. Also first perform simple pooja to Lord Ganesha and then do parihara pooja,
      Then in a nearby temple circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Fridays and perform pooja to Shukra deva and Saturdays.
      Worship Lord Ardhanareeshwara daily or every Mondays and perform water abhishekam to Lord Shiva linga in the evening time between 06.00 and 07.00 hrs and do recite Ardhanareeshwara sthothram.
      Regularly worship Lord Hanuman, Shiva and Lord Balaji sincerely and do visit temple also.
      Om Namah Shivaaya

  • Meenakshi NAUTIYAl ….birthplace Gopeshwar Chamoli Uttarakhand…….
    birth time 7:15 am…….1june 1989…
    …please tell me about my married life .. and job also…thanks

    • Dear Meenakshi Nautiyal
      Sorry we do give only about dosha presence and not about future predictions in any regard.
      There is Mangal dosha in your Natal chart. So there will be either delay or troubles in your married life.
      Worship Lord Ganesh and read Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays and do visit Hanuman temple regularly.
      Also perform Kumba vivaha ritual or Kuja dosha nivarana pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • 22-10-1975, 3:55pm , kharagpur- West Bengal , no job for almost 7-8 years, now got a job with less remuneration and role, somehow career is not taking off anymore, is my career life over?

    • Dear Rupa
      Your career life will be normal only.But nothing is impossible before your prayers if done sincerely.
      Worship Lord Ganesh daily.
      Recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily, worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy and attend Sai Baba Haarathi pooja regularly or ever Thursdays and sincerely make your request with the lord, will answer for your worries.
      At home perform water abhishekam to Lord Shiva (linga) on every Mondays evening between 06.00 pm – 07.00 pm and recite Shva Ashtotharam or Panchakshari manthra
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Rupa
          Yes we can get it done on behalf of you on your inability.

          Om Namah Shivaaya

                • Dear Rupa
                  Ticket Cost – Rs. 1500 + Rs. 200 for Poojari Dhakshina.
                  So if you are ready to pay the amount then I let you know the Bank details or Gpay or Phonepay.
                  Om Namah Shivaaya

                    • Dear Rupa
                      Here is my bank details.
                      Subramanyam. A
                      Indian Bank – 732509662
                      IFSC Code – IDIB000N050
                      Nagari Branch.

                    • Hello Sir, we transferred 1700 to the account you specified here, and here is the transaction number – 102106787391

                      Best to do this pooja on poornima…where can I email you the name, Nakshatra and rashi, wanted to include my mother and my husbands name too.

                      Thank you!

                    • Dear Rupa
                      Yes received you transfer.
                      We will do it on Pournami Thithi itself.
                      We will intimate before that Pournami.
                      Om Namah Shivaya

                    • Dear Rupa
                      Yes check you mail.
                      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir, I am from Nepal,Dang about my marriage and job and its problems solutions. Date of birth – 2048/6/4 Time-9:05 pm Name- Gayatri Poudel

    • Dear Gayatri Poudel
      Please send your proper birth details.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Gayatri Poudel
          May I know what do you want from us.
          Om Namah Shivaay

          • Dear Gayatri Poudel
            Perform Abhishekam to Lord Dhakshinamurthy on a Thursday or on a Pournami if comes on a Thursday. Do recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily or every Thursdays.
            And worship Lord Hanuman on every Tuesdays and Saturdays by reciting Hanuman chaleesha. do visit temple also on every Saturdays.
            Also worship you ishta devatha Goddess Lakshmi sametha Sri Venkatehwara on every firdays and Saturdays by reciting Lakshmi Sahasranamavali.
            Perform Rahu Kethu pooja for once for good health.
            Om Namah Shivaay

              • Dear Gayatri Poudel
                If you have a Naaga devatha temple or you can find Naaga devathas in Shakthi temples so do find one temple and on every Tuesdays raahu kaal time offer a lemon shell lamp to the Devathas and pray.
                Or just perform water Abhishekam to Lord Shiva (Lingam) on every Mondays evening between 06.00 to 07.00 hours and recite either Mrithyunjeya manthra or Shiva Panchaksahari sthothram any Sthothram of Lord Shiva after dhup dheep arathi.
                Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Sir,

    My name is Anku Sharma,I am facing issues in my marriage and I want to save it.please help.

    27 Jan 1990
    1:05 am place Chandigarh

    • Dear Anku sharma
      At Present you are under the influence of Rahu Maha dasa till 10.2022.
      So perfrom Rahu kethu pooja on a Shukla Paksha Panchami raahu kaal time. First perform simple archana / pooja to Lord Ganesh before going to attend the Parihara pooja and then do the Rahu kethu pooja.
      Recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily and do attend Sai Baba Haarathi pooja on regular basis or you can do it at your pooja room on your own. If you do it at your home sincerely, then Sai will suresly answer for your pains.
      Observe fast on 7 Thursdays and worship the lord.
      Then worship Lord Hanuman daily by doing any Bhajan of Lord Rama or reading Hanuman chaleesha and do visit Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Thankyou so much sir..
        Can I get performed Rahu keetu pooja? Can you help me in that?


        • Dear Anku sharma
          Yes you can do the Rahu Kethu pooja on an Auspicious day. May i know what sort of help do you want from me in regard of the pooja.
          Om Namah Shivaya

      • Dear Vinay
        May i know for what purpose do you want email address.
        Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dear Shinil Anand
    That’s great to hear having faith in Hinduism.
    I let you know the cost and other details as soon as possible through your mail.
    Om Namah Shivaaya

  • I am very disturbed from personal, professional career, financial and not yet married,no house. And no financial benefits in job also. I’m working in abroad outside india.please let me know about my better income possibility and about married life.

    Place: kerala

    • Dear Shinil Anand
      You have Mangal dosha. So delay in marriage is normal and is beneficial for a better married life, when properly matched with a girls natal chart and married.
      You career and financial status will be average only and not the best as you wish.
      Chant Subrahmanya stotra everyday
      Chant Kuja mantra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays or can ask any learned pundit to do 7000 times on your behalf.
      Donate red cloth on Tuesday.
      Perform Kalyanam (marriage) of Lord lakshmi narasimha on Tuesday.
      Presently you are in Venus Maha dasha 01.2031. Since Venus is ill placed in your chart, then in this maha dasha, you have financial losses. To overcome problems caused by ill placed Venus, you need to chant Sukra mantra or Lakshmi stotra daily or perform Sukra puja at nearby Navagraha temple.
      If you would like to perform Shukra pooja or any other Parihara pooja then we can make it on your behalf here.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Dob- 6/1/1988
    Time-11-46 A. M
    Place-silchar, Assam
    Pls suggest remedies for job and pregnancy

    • Dear Durva
      Sorry to ask you what is your correct name Durva or Durga,
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Ohm Namah Shivay

    My Dob: 24 March 1986
    Time of birth: 5:50pm
    Birthplace : England (United Kingdom)

    I have been having a lot of troubles in the past 5 years with relationship (no marriage) , health, finance

    What dasha or doshas are on my chart?

    What would you suggest for remedies?

    • Dear Minesh
      Presently you are under the influence of Rahu Maha dasa from 05.2016 till 05.2034.
      Since Rahu is placed in 8th house you can find no peace, lot of tensions, health issues, adverse effect on your relationship etc,.
      So need to perform Rahu Kethu pooja on an auspicious day.
      Chant Rahu manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays,
      Do worship either Lord Shiva or Lord Subrahmanya or Goddess Durga maa.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam to Lord Shiva or can even perform water abhishekam to shiva linga on your own and give dhup dheep aarathi, fruits etc and rectide Maha Mruthyunjeya manthra is beneficial for good health.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • my dob-22/07/69,tob-05:51am,birthplace-koregaon[maharashtra]
    what are the doshas in my kundli and which remedies to perform.please guide.

    • Dear Pravin
      Saturn Maha Dasa 04.2026.
      May find problems in family and no prospective result in most of your deeds etc.
      Worship Lord Ganesh and observing fast on every Sankashta Chathurthy and take Chandra Dharshan.
      Perform Rahu Kethu Pooja on any Mondays raahu kaal time. Here also you need to perform Archana to Lord Ganesh and then do the parihara pooja.
      Read Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays is must to get protected from Shani Deva. Also perform Tila Abhishekam on Saturdays as per your possibility and circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Saturdays. Offer Sesame seeds lamp to Shani Deva on Saturdays.
      Also regularly worship Lord Karthikeya and Sai Baba.
      Om Namah Shivaya.

  • Mere husband’s ka rahu kaal chal raha hai..his date of birth is 03 aug 1982 at 6.33am chandigarh..he is struggling in career and our house is a mess..ashanti and ladhai pure time.har baat pe discussion..and woh negetive hi soochte bolte hai..koi pupaye bataye. Monday se 21 times on namah shivay payer karni strat ki hai …job kab lagegi..kuch direction suggest kariye..thank you

    • Dear Priya
      11.2024 thak aap ki husband vohi rehtha ke. Coz people who are in the Rahu Maha dasa wont listen to others is a problem that leads to problems to them and around.
      Need to do Rahu Kethu pooja or else at lease he should do regular pooja which may not as he might not interested.
      or else you do recite Ardhanareeshwara sthothram to please the lord to bless you a happy familial life. Also perform water Abhishekam to Lord Shiva on every Mondays.
      And worship Goddess Durga maa on every Fridays and visit temple, donate buttermilk as per your possibility.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Name : Shivansh Mishra
    D.O.B.: 02/01/1998
    Time: 12:03 A.m.
    Place: Lucknow
    Are there any dosha in my kundli
    Nothing works according my wishes whatever I want to achieve or I wish to do that always somehow goes in vain my efforts always goes in vain
    And even for a simplest things I have to struggle a lot in comparison to others in the same field whatever I always try to do some earning but due to the hurdles my work shuts down I am very disappointed
    Please guide me ????

    • Dear Shivansh Mishra
      Rahu Maha Dasa till 01.2021.
      Hence such experience of failures. Perform Rahu Kethu pooja. Recite Rahu manthra or Rahu Graha Pancha sloki on every Saturdays or daily.
      Worship Lord Hanuman, Goddess Lakshmi Sameetha Shri Venkateshwara regularly.
      Observing 7 Saturdays fast is beneficial and remove your worries. If you prefer to do this worship Garuda Deva also during that vrath by reciting his Gayathri Manthra for 108 times.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • name:somesh prasad
        dob: 08 nov 1977
        place : jaipur rajasthan
        time : 23.00

        please help. I m getting addicted to alchohol

        • Dear Somesh Prasad
          Take one teaspoon of cumin seed and boil it in 1 1/2 glass of water. Boil it till water comes to one glass of water. Leave it cool down. Then add three lemon curshed juice and drink daily having a thought to quit drinking praying Lord Hanuman.
          Make a habit of worship Lord Hanuman and visit his temple daily and always have saffron tilak to your forehead and reciting his naama in yourself always.
          Do this sincerely. You an overcome the adict.
          Also try to take Ayyappa maala for a mandala and worship the lord sincerely.
          Buy a Rudhraksha maala (any varient) and just recite Om Jai Hanuman or Om Namah Shivaya for 108 maala / times when every you get a thought to go to have a drink.
          Make a practice of this and sure you can overcome.
          Om Namah Shivaya