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Home / Rahu Ketu Puja / How to Make Rahu Positive, Remedies for Rahu Deva, Rahu Remedies

How to Make Rahu Positive, Remedies for Rahu Deva, Rahu Remedies


In general people are afraid of Rahu, let us have some inputs about it.

Rahu’s Effects on Home:
We can identify by seeing ones home, block of flats, neighborhood etc., if rahu is in a positive or negative position. If we could see a house without love, unity, peacefulness, fights, sibling’s rivalry etc., it shows the negativity of Rahu in such family. The impact can be seen in children’s too – the growth gets affected, children always keep talking about study in hostel or to move away from the house for job.

Indications on house if Rahu is in negative position:

1) House will have continuous water stagnation
2) House will be filled with dust and dirt
3) Plants won’t grow well
4) Inspite of the natural lighting electrical power would always be required
5) Inspite of good salary Servant or employees won’t last longer
6) Constant small issues like milk getting spoiled, things getting lost causing distraction
7) Affects people in the age group of 38-45yrs
8) Persistant stomach related problems
9) Spending money on bad stuff
10) Unknown fear will be there
11) Crack or fall of the wall in the kitchen
12) No happiness

Rahu Remedies

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on House:

* In the entrance of the house either hang or burry a white cloth tied with misiri(form of a sweet), black lentils, gomed stone and silver.
* Do remedies to pitru dosh and everyday donations is advised.
* The name of the house should always be in the ancestors name.
* Work like sitting, eating having a plant or a pot with flower and food for birds has to be done in the East part of the house.

Impact of Rahu on 3:
There are both positive and negatives caused by Rahu. Rahu helps those in the field of civil services, politics, engineering etc., if a person gives excuses for everything he may be asked to do is the negativity of Rahu. But, in spite of its negativity if a person works hard then Rahu will start giving more energy to them. It is advised to be under the shade and guidance of a guru, even if one doesn’t be with the guru they can have their picture which will help them to succeed in life. Vice versa for children under the influence of Rahu should be engaged in sports and for adults it is advised for hard work e.g. motorcycle.

Indications on Individuals if Rahu is in negative position:

The following things can be found in a person who is having negative impact of Rahu which will create problems in one’s future:

# Sleep and wake-up will be late
# Won’t believe in traditions or rituals
# Will be addicted to alcohol, drugs etc
# Couldn’t concentrate in one particular thing
# Will get addicted to electronic instruments
# Becomes angry, irritable, violent to an extent of breaking things. If married it may lead to a break in the relationship
# Gets excited, tells lies and gives excuses

Remedies for Rahu’s negative effects on individuals:

# For lack of study, fearfulness and anger wear a sandalwood tied in blue thread
# Ashoka leaves, few drops of sandalwood perfume or oil to your bath
# Early in the morning drink sandalwood juice
# Avoid late night eating, left over foods etc
# Feed fish
# Donate water, 4 coconuts in temple during Amavasya
# Eat and drink coconut
# Chanting of mantra for Rahu—OM RAA(N) RAHVE NAMAHA

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  1. son dob 06-10-87..2:10 of birth .nizamabad..marriage getting delayed plz suggest any help or remedies

  2. Sir my birth date is 05 December 1985 in guwahati at 7 :30pm.I’m going through mahadasa of rahu .I’m suffering from bad health .kindly advice what to do.

    • Dear Madhumita
      You have Naaga dosham. yes since rahu and kethu are malefic and presently in the Rahu maha dasha you may get evil thoughts, dreams etc and health issues.
      To overcome from this negative effects chant Durga Sthothram (daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays), Rahu manthra (daily or every Saturdays).
      Perform Naaga Prathishta, Rahu kethu pooja or visit and worship the Naaga devathas daily or every Tuesdays rahu kalam time and offer lemon shell lamp.
      At home worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Keep two idols of snakes and worship daily or as per your possibility.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Date of birth-12/08/1995.
    Time of birth-11:22 pm
    Given a competitive exam of MBA today from 10am to 12:30pm. Some part of the paper didn’t gone well although i had practiced for that. It seems in question paper the questions are easy and i can do it but i couldn’t memorize the process while answering. Is it due to my rahu or some other negative aspect?

    • Dear Shalini Sinha
      You have Naaga dosham. yes, also Saturn is not placed well. Hence such problems.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on Saturday with Thithit such as Panchami, Sashti, Amavasya, Pournami.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman sincerely will boost your confidence of sure to beat any competition exams.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. hi my DOB is 10-July-1977, time 11:45 am place valsad gujarat.
    going through rahu mahadasha. please let me know how to reduce the melific effect or rahu dasha. passing through bad mental, physical, financial problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Amit
      Anantha Kaala sarpa dosham and passing thro Rahu Maha dasha may certainly creates problems you mentioned. This may effect till the completion of the dasa – 08.2032.
      Perform Kaala Sarpa dosha nivarana pooja on any Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays with Panchami, Amavasya, Sashti, Pournami thithis raahu kaala time. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      Establish Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra in your home and worship it daily.
      Best fasting day is on Naga Panchami festival day that falls every year.
      Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year.
      Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Do abhishek (bathe the deity) of lord Shiva for 30 days during the month of Shravana.
      Or simply Worship Lord Ganesha – any naama manthra for 108 times, Subrahmanya – Skandha sashti kavach or any other sthothra or OM SARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAH for 108 times and Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha. If you could please these lords with your prayers then malefic planets wont trouble you.
      This dasa period may be very tough only Amith. Daily worship, possitive thinking, regular yoga aasans will make you travel in the right direction with peace of mind.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Hi there my son is born on 25 March 2017 in Montreal Canada . He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (neurological problem) please give me remedies for his rahu dosh and any other remedies please help

  5. Sir my son shashwat was born on 24 – 09 1988 at Saharanpur at 10 is not in a healthy state now.very much anxiety & not able to study. Please suggest something.

    • Dear Gunjan
      Its because of Rah & Saturn not placed well.
      Remedies –
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja for once on any Saturdays rahu kalam time. Offer first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja.
      At Home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily for best result or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Always have saffron dot on your forehead.
      Perform Hanuman pooja at your home or visit any famous ancient Hanuman perform pooja there.
      Don’t – non veg or alcohol during Hanuman ji worship.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Sir namastey i am suffering from rahu birthchart details is 10sept 1991.morning 7.15am guwahati..plz help me..

    • Dear Tinkumoni ray
      No you dont have rahu dosha but is placed in neutral only.
      Just perform Rahu kethu pooja if you are scare of such placement. Pay first worship to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu poja.
      Are you married, or what sort of problem are you suffering please mention.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • It need some more analysis to conclude. We do not as we dont have have that much time. So please try to understand. Just worship Lord Ganesha daily sincerely and of sure he will troubleshoot your problems and desires.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Hlo sir
    I m suffering from rahu Dasha from 2016 and it will be till 2034. I m not selecting in any exams actually I want to clear ips. My date of birth is 12 October 1984. Time is 13.32 pm and place of birth is Meerut.
    M very much disappointed plz help me

    • Dear Kapil verma
      There is no kaala sarpa dosham, but has Low mangal dosham.
      Need to check with the present transit position to give you conclusion about your query.
      Just follow the remedies –
      Daily start with Ganesh ji worship – any naama manthra for 108 times, then during the sun rise time worship Lord Sun – Sun Gayathri Manthra for 108 times, then Worship Lord Hanuman – recite Hanuman chaleesha.
      Have saffron dot on your forehead always and visit Hanuman temples every Tuesdays or Saturdays.
      Since you lagna lord Saturn worship him on every Saturdays.
      Every Saturdays or daily circumnavigate Navagrahas. Offer til abhishek on a Saturday when every it is possible.
      Do the above worship sincerely devotedly and you may hit the exams with full confidence. Make your request with the lord after every worship. Or write your request with your name gothra and then your need in a white paper, fold from downward first and left and right sides leaving upwards and again repeat the same totalling six times. Keep the paper near the lord and then worship.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Babu
      Kalyana katta means which temple. Please mention and we send you details if we have.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am having Rahu Mahadasha and Sadesati and getting all malefic results as mentioned in your post.
    Plus I also lost my job, failed in exams, education is disrupted and have severe stomach problems since Jan last year.
    Situation is still worsening, even after trying my best.
    Please suggest what should I do.

    11 Jan 86
    11:35 am lucknow.

    • Dear Aman
      You have Kaala sarpa dosham and in the Rahu Maha dasha till 05.2022. so till the completion of the dasa period you may suffer from the existing problems.
      Remedies for Kaala Sarpa dosha –
      Perform the Kaala Sarpa dosham pooja on Sashti thithi rahu kalam time.
      Establish Kaal Sarp Shanti Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.
      Visit and worship Naaga devatha in temple after observing a fast on every Naga Panchami. – you may not observe fast since suffering from stomach problem right so perform fast by taking fruit juices or liquid food such as Ragi mix etc,. but check for your possible and observe. Dont take risk if you cant stay a fast.
      Recite Nava Naga stotra daily for one year.
      Recite Rahu mantra daily 108 times daily or every Saturdays.
      Install Lord Shiva Linga in your pooja room, do water abhishek to lord Shiva for 30 days starting on an auspicious Monday.
      Most auspicious manthra for bad health – Recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for 108 times daily or every Mondays between 06.00 – 07.30 pm.
      NOTE – be careful and choose the above remedies as per your possibilities and do it.
      Or simple worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya, Shiva, Durga maatha and Lord Hanuman daily by reciting their Gayathri manthras for 108 times and its more than enough to pacify the gods.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Namaste sir,
    I am experiencing low hearing for the last 5-6 years and got to to know that this is due to Rahu’s effect. Kindly suggest the best way to make myself normal. Thank you.

    • Dear Siva Prasad
      Just worship Lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Rahu
      Ganesha – OM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH for 108 times daily.
      Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha (once) / Hanuman gayathri manthra for 108 times.
      Rahu – Rahu manthra for 108 times – daily or every saturdsys
      Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  10. Raghu dasha and Raghu bhukti for my son, what remedies are require.
    He is studing in 12th std

    • Dear Dakshina Moorthy
      Remedies –
      At home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman (optional for betterment) daily.
      Worship Bhairava by reciting Kaala Bhairava Ashrakam or lord Shiva by Shiva Ashtakam or Rudhra Ashtakam.
      In Temple- Two poojas that you can do but can also choose as per you feasibility.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam at Sree Kalahasthi or any ancient Shiva temple. Also perform Chandi Homa pooja.
      Rahu stotra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays :-
      Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      Wear An 8 mukhi Rudraksha.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  11. in any circmustance trust god &say always thanks to god thanks to god is most power full mantra&best way of worship

  12. I have chanted 21000 recitations of Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah and om aim hreem rahave namah for 6000 times. But lord rahu bestows me more malefic effect

    • Dear Manas Chakraborty
      Doing pooja is our duty but blessing / bestowing depends upon how we do the pooja / recite of manthra. Pacifying Rahu is not an easy task. Need continous / daily prayers.
      And one more thing what ever the pooja / manthra recite you do you need to start with a pooja or manthra recite dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Otherwise the pooja is said to be useless as per our Hundu tradition.
      Just check whether if you did so or not. And also dont stop for a stipulated of number times in the matter of pooja / manthra recite. Saying that i did this number of times and i did not get the or any fruits. Just read / look at the puranas how hard the sages performed the penances / yagas etc.
      Any pooja you do – do it in the early morning hours before sunrise or after sun set with normal loud voice. Dont recite in silent.
      Lord Narayana should be worsipped before sun rise and Lord Shiva after sun set, Rahu during rahu kaalam , like that – for better result.
      Om namah Shivaya

    • I am told only Vedic mantras should be recited and otherwise nothing works and beej mantras on the contrary irritate them. Even I am looking for some relief.i am severely afflected by Rahu.

      • Dear Viresh Arora
        The malefic power of a planet can be judged / concluded with the degrees of its position. If it is high in degrees it will take you to the worst stage, even your prayers goes in vain. So till its maha dasa will be passed away, rahu will do its duty. One cant escape from its effect. Its gods command or what we got from our early janma (birth). You need to accept it and try to learn something out of it which Raha is trying to teach you.
        There is some procedure to be followed while going to recite bheej manthras and even the Vedhic mantras. In basi one should be vegetarian etc,, If you fail to follow then it will give reverse effect. So i could suggest you – Just believe in god sincerely (even during your hard times) and recite only the naama manthra of any gods or goddess for 108 times with utmost faith, concentrated. It is all enough to pacify as a normal individual.
        The ill / reverse effect that you are suffering may be because of not starting worhip with Lord Ganesha. Remember any worship / havan etc, should be started first with Lord Ganesha worship. It removes obstacles, and leads your to a good finish. If you do not offer first worship then mostly it is said to be mere wast.
        Just think positively and forget about your negative sufferings then only you can achieve the positive energy from the prayers. After a bad suffering only good things comes. So just follow as i said.
        But need to know what pooja / recite manthra should we do. Unnecessarily we should not recite any manthras.
        Om Namah Shivaya

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