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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Jupiter

Slokam in English:

Priyanna samshaved duhkham
Apriyad Adhikam Bhayam ।
Tabhyam hi ye viyujyante
Namastesam Mahatmanam ॥

After seeing Sita Devi in the Ashoka Vanam, Hanuman was terribly happy. But, at the same time, he could easily understand the problem that Sita Devi is facing in the midst of the Arakkis (Demons). Hanuman tries to convince Sita Devi through his polite words, but at that time, Ravanan arrives to Ashoka Vanam and asks Sita Devi to marry him. But, Sita Devi doesn’t even see his face and treats him as ordinary grass (Pul). And, at the same time, her mind thinks of Sri Rama and because of his absence, she feels for it very much and this mental thought of Sita Devi and the higher experience is explained through the above Mantram.

The Inner Message:

Generally, problems that we face are due to the attraction or regression of that particular aspect. And as a result of that, we might get that it might not. If we get that we are happy but at the same time, we worry about that if we could not get that. (ie) if that particular thing gets moved away from us, we feel very bad. In the same way, we get angry about the things that we don’t like and this anger later changes to fright.

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So, these likes and dislike is the root cause of happiness and sorrow. Great Rishis and Mahans have won against these joys and sorrows (ie) over these likes and dislikes. Hanuman in this Slokam finally says that he really bows down to those Mahans.

The above Mantram is explained through Sita Devi and this is the main aspect that is well explained in Bhagavath Geetha.

Connection with Navagraham:

This Mantram should be considered the “Gnana Upadesham” from Sita Devi. For Gnana, Guru Bhagavan is the moola (main) graham and this Mantram is related to Guru Bhagavan. Pushparagam is the relevant stone for Guru Bhagavan.

So by chanting the above Mantram, we get the blessings and Gnana from great Mahans and we can travel through their way to get the Mukthi. Simultaneously, we can have mental dominance over likes and dislikes, which are the main aspect of happiness and sorrow. By the thiruVarul of Guru, we get good respect and favor from others.

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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Jupiter

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