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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Mars

Slokam in English:

Anirvedah sriyo mulam
Aniredah param sukham ।
Anirvedho hi satatam
sarvarthesu pravartakah ॥

Finally, through courage and will–power, Hanuman crosses the sea and reaches Lanka. As soon as he reaches Lanka, Lankini, a demon who is the security of Lanka, is the first person to face Hanuman. After fighting for a long time, Hanuman wins over her and enters the palace of Ravanan and searches for Sita Devi. He searches for Sita Devi in all the places for a long time. But he could not find her. Because of this, he becomes mentally and physically tired. But, in a fraction of time, he eradicates all this tiredness and starts searching for Sita Devi with lots of energy and Fastness.

Mars Planet

The Inner Message:

Activeness, enthusiasm, etc., are some of the objects that are used as the basement for major wealth and a higher level of achievement. Being lazy will not bring anything to our life.

Fastness in our action, activeness should be there in our life and through that, we could attain anything.

Hanuman says the above Mantram for him to get energy, activeness etc. Simultaneously, this Mantram is also for this entire human community.

Connection with Navagraham:

Angaragan is the one among the Navagrahas who is responsible for riding away from the sorrow in our life. Sorrow, poverty is one of the negative parts of anyone’s life. So, he is one of the Navagrahas who can make us get out of poverty, sorrow, etc., in our life.

By doing Parayanam of the above-said Mantram, we can get out of the sorrow, and get out of Chevvai Dosham, to achieve victory over everything; and all kinds of property will reach us etc.

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