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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Moon

Slokam in English:

Yasya tvetani Catvari
vanarendra yatha tava ।
Smrtir matir dhrtir dhaksyam
sa karmasu na sidhati ॥

During his way towards Lanka, Hanuman faced lots of problems. Initially, there was a huge sea, which he needs to cross to enter Lanka. During his progress, a huge mountain named “Mainagam” aroused from the sea and stopped the way. But, by his strength, he demolished the mountain and continued his journey towards Lanka. After some time, a big water snake by the name “Surasa” emerged out from the water and stopped the path. Hanuman cleared the snake and as another obstacle, a Rakshashi (demon) named “Saayakrahi” asked Hanuman can cross the sea only by going through her mouth. But, having a strong aim and strength, Hanuman could overcome all these obstacles. On seeing these great qualities of Hanuman, all the Devars in the Deva Lokam praised Hanuman through the above Mantram.

Moon - Pearl

The Inner Message:

The great qualities like Sharp – mind, mental strength, the strongness in the aim (or) goal to achieve and the action performed to attain it of Hanuman are well explained in the above Mantram. Likewise, if a person who has all the above-said qualities can achieve all the things he needed and can overcome any obstacles in the lifelike Hanumanji.

Connection with Navagraham:

Muthu All the great qualities that are said are related and associated with the inner soul (or) mind. Chandran is the Graham who is responsible for one’s great mind and the action of it. And the Ratnam for Chandran is Muthu. And this Muthu will originate only from the sea, which is crossed by Hanuman. So, this Mantram is related to Chandran and Muthu.

By doing Parayanam of this Mantram, one can be strong in his mind and body and also can overcome any kind of hurdles in life.

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