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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Rahu

Slokam in English:

Yadyasti patisusrasa
Yadyasti Caritam tapah ।
Yadivasti ekapatnitvam
Sito bhava Hanumatah ॥

Hanuman starts to destroy Lanka because of their anger toward Ravana and his bad action of captivating Sita Devi. Ravanan sends Jambumali, his great soldiers, Aksha Kumaran, etc to get Hanuman to his palace. But, Hanuman kills all of them and finally, Indrajith, son of Ravanan strikes hanuman through Brahmastiram. Obeying the ashram, Hanuman comes to the middle of the palace. During that time, Hanuman reveals the truth that he is Rama’s ardent devotee and he warns Ravanan that Sri Rama will destroy the entire Lanka. On hearing this, Ravanan gets angry and orders to lit fire on the tail of Hanuman and asks his soldiers to take him through the streets of Lanka. On hearing this, Sita Devi weeps for Hanuman and prays towards Agni Bhagavan. The above Mantram is the Prarthana of Sita Devi.

The Inner Message:

This Mantram is explained through Sita Devi. It explains that if Mother Sita, I am a true wife of Sri Rama and if I strongly follow Sri Rama, let the fire on Hanuman doesn’t affect him and let the heat doesn’t do anything to him. And because of this Mantram, the heat of fire doesn’t affect Hanuman.

Connection with Navagraham:

To get a cure for a disease related to skin, Rahu is the Navagraham, who can solve it. And because of this power of Mantram the fire, which is lit up in the tail of Hanuman, doesn’t affect him and doesn’t create any burns. So, this Mantram is related to Rakhu and the stone for him is Gomedhakam. By chanting this Mantram, it will strengthen their Mangal sutra Husbands will not have another eye on other ladies; will not be affected by Panja booths.

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