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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Sun

Slokam in English:

Tato Ravana nitayah, Sitayah Saatrikarsanah ।
Iyesa padamanvestum, Carana carite pathi ॥

After Sita Devi was captured by Ravana, Sri Rama commanded Hanuman to seek her and asked him to find where Ravanan had kept her a prisoner. As the command got from Sri Rama, Hanuman started to seek for Sita Devi and came to the seashore. But, all would know that crossing the big sea is not a very easy job. At that time, Jambhavaan, the bear king explained about the hidden talent of Hanuman that he is the only person who can cross the huge sea and help Sri Rama to get back Sita Devi.

After hearing the motivating words from Jambhavaan, Hanuman started to fly over the sea to see Sita Devi.

The Inner Message:

It is said that Hanuman has the power to defeat all the enemies as a single person. And since Ravanan took Sita Devi through the skyway, he also wanted to follow him in the same way.

Sun - Ruby

The special explanation:

The above Mantram is the first Mantram in Sundara Kaandam and is said to be found in the midst of Ramayanam. And this mantra is said to be equivalent to the Gayathri Mantram. Because of this, this Mantra is said to be more special in midst of other Sundara Kaandam slokas.

This sloka is said to be the Hridhayam (Heart) or center point of Ramayanam and has an immense message to say to this world.

Sri Rama is referred to as the Para Brahma Swaroopam and Sita Devi is referred to as the Jeevan that is being separated from the Para Brahman. This small Jeevan (Sita Devi) is pleasing to get united to the Parabrahmam and for that, we need a person like an Acharya. It is said that the best way of attaining the Aandavan (Perumal) is through an Acharya. Here, Hanuman acts as an Aacharyan, thereby helping Sita Devi (a Jeevan) to get united with Sri Rama (Parabrahmam).

The above sloka greatly explains the greatness of Hanuman.

Connection with Navagraham:

The main graham that is related to Gayathri Mantra is the Suryan, the Sun God. The skyway is the street (lane) for Suryan and Hanuman is said to be the Sishyan (student) of Suryan. Because of this, he might know the way and that’s the reason why he was sent. So, this first Mantram is related to Suryan and the Ratnam (stone) for Suryan is Maanickam. So, by doing Parayanam of this sloka, we can reach Sri Rama, Hanuman and Surya Bhagavan too and do so, our life will be bright like the sun.

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