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Navarathna Mantra Mala | Sundara Kandam | Kethu

Slokam in English:

Nivrttavanavasam tam
tvaya sardhamarindamam ।
Ksipram draksyasi Raghavam ॥

Though the fire that islet on the tail of Hanuman doesn’t affect him, he doesn’t want to leave Ravanan and his troops. He wanted them to teach a lesson. Through his fired tail, he fires the entire Lanka and destroys all the great palaces through the same fire. After this, he once again crosses the sea and comes back to Sri Ramar, Sugreevan etc and says that he has seen Sita Devi and explains to them that he had given strength that she will join along with Sri Ramar soon.
Ketu - Cat's Eye

The Inner Message:

This Mantram is explained through Hanuman to Sita Devi. He says that Sri Ramar is a great and brave person. He can destroy all the evils and can surely rescue Sita Devi soon. And after the victory over Ravanan, your life in this forest will come to an end and the Pattabhishekam for Sri Ramar is going to happen.

The above Mantram doesn’t make happy Sita Devi alone but also gave great mental strength to Sri Rama too. This Mantram also explains the greatness of Hanuman about his future happening about the Pattabishekam.

Connection with Navagraham:

To get out of any legal issues or any issues related to rescuing, Kethu is the graham that will help us. So, this Mantram is related to Kethu. And, another meaning of Kethu is a flag. Since Sri Ramar is going to return back to Ayodhya through the Victory flag, it is well suited that this Mantram is relevant to Kethu. By chanting this Mantram, we get victory over everything, Ashta Iyshwaryam, popularity in the midst of society, escape from sorrows, etc.

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