Hinduism Perspective

Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER III GENERAL

59) Question : Do eyes have light?
Answer : Yes.

60) Question : Does nothing come out of nothing?
Answer : No.

61) Question : Which is prior, either cause or effect?
Answer : Cause is prior to the effect.

62) Question : What is reality?
Answer : That which exists will exist, that which is not, will not.

63) Question : Does light contain darkness?
Answer : Yes.

64) Question : What is a natural object?
Answer : That which does not change in its prime qualities.

65) Question : What is Sat?
Answer : The Truth: That which is permanent: God is regarded as Sat when it is not manifest to the world.

66) Question : What is Chit?
Answer : Intelligence. God is regarded as Chit when it is manifest to the World.

67) Question : What is Anandam?
Answer : Bliss; Happiness.

68) Question : Does Achit come out of Chit?
Answer : No.

69) Question : What is there in Akas?
Answer : Sukshuma Akasa.

70) Question : Does sound have form?
Answer : Yes.

71) Question : What is Arupa (formless objects)?
Answer : That which cannot be perceived by the eyes.

72) Question : Has Arupa got Rupa (form)?
Answer : Yes.

73) Question : Can body itself move?
Answer : No.

74) Question : What are the 3 causes or karanas?
Answer : Muthal karanam (Material cause), Thunai karanam (Instrumental cause) and Nimitha karanam (efficient cause).

75) Question : What is meant by avadi nityam?
Answer : That which has no beginning and end.

76) Question : Can we find out cause for ultimate Prime Cause?
Answer : No.

77) Question : Can Guna (quality) be separated from Guni (its possessor)?
Answer : No.

78) Question : What is Asat?
Answer : Non ego, matter.

79) Question : Can effect be produced without cause?
Answer : No.

80) Question : Can two formless objects be united together?
Answer : Yes, like the conjunction of the light of the eyes with solar light.