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Home / Hinduism Perspective / Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER IV ON PATH (LORD, GOD, SIVA)

Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER IV ON PATH (LORD, GOD, SIVA)


81) Question : What is meant by Pathi?
Answer : Lord, God, Siva.

82) Question : Is He the One?
Answer : Yes.

83) Question : What is His name?
Answer : Siva Peruman.

84 & 85) Question : What are His attributes or qualities?
Answer : Eight, viz.
1. Self existence.

2. Essential Purity.

3. Intuitive Wisdom.

4. Infinite Intelligence.

5. Immateriality.

6. Mercy.

7. Omnipotence.

8. Limitless Bliss.

86) Question : Give an example of His Omnipresence?
Answer : As fire is concealed in the firewood, so is God concealed in the universe.

87) Question : Has God form, or no form or both form and formless?
Answer : He is all the above three and none of these.

88) Question : Is God changebale (Vikari) or unchangeable (nirvikari)?
Answer : He is unchangable.

89) Question : How does he perform His functions?
Answer : By His will.

90) Question : From what does God create the world?
Answer : From maya, cosmic matter.

91) Question : What is the material cause for the world?
Answer : Maya or matter.

92) Question : What is the Instrumental cause for the world?
Answer : God’s power or Sakti.

93) Question : What is the Efficient cause for the world?
Answer : God.

94) Question : How is the Lord the first of all?
Answer : Like the letter ‘A’ being the first of the Alphabets, the Incomparable Lord is the first of all.

95) Question : Are there any others who are equal to or above the Lord?
Answer : No.

96) Question : What is the Lord’s form?
Answer : Real Love.

97) Question : Through whom does God create the world?
Answer : Through Brahma.

98) Question : Through whom does God preserve the world?
Answer : Through Vishnu.

99) Question : Through whom does God destroy the world?
Answer : Through Rudra.

100) Question : Who is greater, either the creator or the destroyer?
Answer : Rudra, the destroyer is the greater.

101) Question : Can soul give any return to God?
Answer : It cannot just as the world cannot give any return to the rain.

102) Question : What are the eight Forms of God – Ashtamurtham?
Answer :

1. Pritivi-Earth

2. Appu-Water

3. Theyu-Fire

4. Vayu-Air

5. Akas-Ether

6. Chandra-Moon

7. Surya-Sun

8. Atma-Soul.

103) Question : Why is the Lord called Vythianathan?
Answer : Because He cures us of the incurable disease of birth.

104) Question : To whom will He do good?
Answer : To those who love Him.

105) Question : How will He judge of every one’s action?
Answer : He will award reward or punishment according to each man’s desert.

106) Question : How is God unknown or concealed to the ignorant?
Answer : He is unseen just as ghee in milk.

107) Question : How is He known to the wise?
Answer : Just as butter in curd.

108) Question : What darkness does He remove?
Answer : He removes the darkness of ignorance.

109) Question : Has God got pleasure and pain?
Answer : No.

110) Question : Can soul’s intelligence act without God?
Answer : No.

111) Question : How is God nirmalan or the Perfect or Pure Being?
Answer : Just as a perfect mirror.

112) Question : How did God get the name of swami?
Answer : Because he is self-dependent-Saravaswatantra.

113) Question : How is God united to the soul?
Answer : Just as life on soul is united to the body.

114) Question : Is body soul?
Answer : No, because it is an inert matter or object.

115) Question : Can we do anything without the knowledge of God?
Answer : No, because he is omnipresent.

116) Question : What is His temple?
Answer : The heart of those that love him.

117) Question : How can we know Him?
Answer : By Pathignanam or knowledge of God.

118) Question : Has the Lord any beginning or end?
Answer : No. Just as a circle has no beginning or end.

119) Question : What is His body similar to?
Answer : Just as fire or red sky.

120) Question : Is there any difference between the Intelligence of God and that of soul?
Answer : God’s Intelligence is like sun’s light whereas man’s intelligence is like a firefly.

121) Question : Who are Panchakartas?
Answer :
1. Brahma

2. Vishnu

3. Rudra

4. Maheswara

5. Sadasivan

122) Question : How is the Lord hidden in the soul?
Answer : Just as frog concealed within a stone.

123) Question : Is God male, femlae, nor neuter?
Answer : He is neither male, nor female, nor neuter.

124) Question : How are Sivam God, Sakti His Power and Atma Soul related to each other?
Answer : Sivam may be compared to teh Sun; Sakti to the sun’s rays and atma to the light of the eyes which combines with Sun’s light.

125) Question : Does God possess anava or impurity which is the characteristic of atma or soul?
Answer : The Lord possesses no impurity just as the Akas does not possess the impurities pertaining to the air.

126 & 127) Question : How many kinds of Saktis (Powers) does the Lord God possess?
Answer :
1. Para Sakti (Divine life)

2. Tirodana Sakti (Power that conceals)

3. Kriya Sakti (Divine energy)

4. Icha Sakti (Divine Will)

5. Gnana Sakti (Divine Intelligence)

128) Question : What is the form of Parasakti?
Answer : Form of Intelligence.

129) Question : What is meant by Tirodana Sakti?
Answer : The Power that conceals anything.

130) Question : How is Lord united to Sakti (Power)?
Answer : Just as the odor in flowers, the coldness in the water, the heat in the fire.

131) Question : Has God got the actions of Intelligence and Will?
Answer : Yes.

132) Question : Into how many kinds can God be classed according to the several Divine Powers or Sakti?
Answer : May be classed into
1. Sattar

2. Uttiyuttar

3. Piraviruttar.

133) Question : Who is that that performs the Subtle five functions?
Answer : Sattar.

134) Question : Has Sattar any other name?
Answer : He is called also Ilayar.

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