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Tirupati Narasimha Theertham/ Teeneru/ Manchi Neela Gunta History, Route

Tirupati Narasimha Theertham:

The water source for the main Ramula Vari Gudi, Ramachandra Pushkarini and Govindaraja Swamy temple in Tirupati. Water is carried on by elephants.

Idol brought from ‘Sri Rangam’ to install in the present main Govindarajula Swamy temple but during transit got fault so left here without installation to pray. Water flows from the foot of the idol of Govindarajula Swamy at the pond.

Belief is that Beema Theertham is the source of this celestial water body. At the pond bed, can see the samadhis of an old couple who sacrificed life praying to god for water for the good of the Tirupati people.

Dilema identifies the idol as Ranganatha instead of Govinda Rajula Swamy.

Surrounding is Sringeri matt which controls Sri Annapurna Kasi Visweswara Swamy Sarada Devi Alayam in the Northeast. Temple has idols for Subramanya Swamy, Vinayaka Swamy, Nagulu. One more temple nearby ‘Sri Renuka Parameswari Devastanamu – Pongallu Thota’ includes idols for Venkateswara, Alwars, Ramanuja, Nagulu, Surdarsana Murthy and Akakgarlu.Tirupati Narasimha Theertham

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