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Valliyamkavu Devi Temple Timings, History

Valliyamkavu Devi Temple is an ancient Durga shrine located near the Travancore Rubber and Tea Company, 15 km near Mundakkayam on the Kottayam – Kumily road, Mundakayam, Idukki District, Kerala. The temple and its surroundings belong to the Peerumedu Tehsil of the Idukki district. The temple is surrounded by hills and forests. Private and public buses serve the temple from Mundakkayam. Auto, jeep and other taxis are also available from mile 35 at fair rates.

Eight poojas are held here every day including Palliyunarthal, Nadathurakkal, Usha pooja and Ucha pooja in the morning section. The evening section includes Nadathurakkal, Deeparadhana, Attazhapooja, Nadaadakkal and Guruthi.

The Thiruutsavam and Pongala are hosted in the month of May (Meenam), in the presence of many pilgrims. Durgashtami is also an important event. Special weekly days are Tuesday and Friday. Naranga Vilakku and aiswariya poojas are held on Fridays. The Prathishta dinam in the temple is annually observed on July 8.

The shrine is famous for a ritual known as Kozhi Parappikkal (flying roosters). People possessed by ghosts and other unknown beings find the cure here. The temple became famous after people found relief from Shatru Dosham (enemy-related issues), Samaya Dosham, Duritham, Apasmaram, Bada, diseases and horoscope related issues. Guruthi is performed after the last puja of the day (Athazha Puja). Durga Ashtami, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are important days in the temple.

Travancore Devaswom Board took over the shrine after the death of Kandan Konthi who was the Malarayara Moopan. Travancore Devaswom Board had built shrines for subordinate deities like Shiva, Ganapathi, Sree Bhuvaneswari devi, Nagaraja, Nagayakshi and Kalayakshi. Thus, the temple underwent many changes.

Valliyamkavu Bhagavathy Temple Timings:

Morning: 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Valliyamkavu Devi Temple

Valliyamkavu Durga Temple Myths/History:

The history of the temple is as old as Dvapara Yuga. Pandavas with his wife Draupadi, during the time of exile, reached the present Panchalimedu and stayed here for a long time. The tribes settled here and offered them help. Before the Pandavas left the place, they gave an idol of Durga Devi to the tribe chief and recognized them to pay homage to the Goddess. But tribes unaware of pooja methods followed their own traditions which transformed Devi into ‘Bhadra’, a more fierce and aggressive form. Thus the place became uninhabitable for the tribes. Devi reached the current region of Valliyamkavu through the forest ropes. Thus, the area became known as Valliyadikkavu, which over time became Valliyamkavu. Later ‘Vanchipuzha Thamburan’ granted permission to the moopan Aadivasi to worship the goddess. 22 acres of land were donated for the construction of the temple. Bhuvaneswari Devi’s shrine behind the linga at Panchalimedu, is believed to be Devi’s moolasthana.

Valliyamkavu Devi Temple Address:

Paloorkavu Road,
Idukki District,
Kerala – 686513.
Phone: 0091-9400491785

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