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108 Names of Shri Dakshinamurthy | Ashtottara Shatanamavali Lyrics in English

Sri Dakshinamurthy is the depiction of Lord Shiva which illustrates Him as the supreme cosmic teacher (Adi Guru) and is a facet of the Lord as the guru who enlightens one with jnana (knowledge) that elevates and enriches. The Dakshinamurthy form of Lord Shiva extols Him as the Supreme Teacher of yoga, knowledge and even music. The rich treasures of knowledge in the Shastras become accessible when He appears as Sri Dakshinamurthy.

Sri Dakshinamurthy is believed to teach through para vak, which is a divine speech form inaudible to worldly ears and resides in the recesses of silence. Ordinary expressions are not needed to grasp the teachings of Sri Dakshinamurthy who explains the true meaning of Brahmaan naturally. His disciples are old Rishis and sages. He imparts the greatest awareness, understanding and comprehension.

The meaning of Dakshinamurthy also is 'the one who is facing the south (dakshi?a) direction'. He sits under the auspicious vata vruksha facing the south direction to give knowledge. Sri Dakshinamurthy guides the cyclical courses of srishti (creation), sthiti (preservation), samhara (amalgamation), tirobhava (suppress on) and anugraha (revealing true knowledge). As we know, Indian tradition and culture revere the teacher or Guru much like God. Sri Dakshinamurthy is also worshipped as the ultimate Guru who truly illuminates the world with cosmic knowledge that lights the soul.

Dakshinamurti Ashtottarashata Namavali Lyrics in Bengali:

Om vidyarupine namah ।
Om mahayogine namah ।
Om suddha jnanine namah ।
Om pinakadhṛte namah ।
Om ratnalankṛtasarvangine namah ।
Om ratnamaulaye namah ।
Om jatadharaya namah ।
Om gangadharine namah ।
Om acalavasine namah ।
Om mahajnanine namah ॥ 10॥

Om samadhikṛte namah ।
Om aprameyaya namah ।
Om yoganidhaye namah ।
Om tarakaya namah ।
Om bhaktavatsalaya namah ।
Om brahmarupine namah ।
Om jagadvyapine namah ।
Om visnumurtaye namah ।
Om puratanaya namah ।
Om uksavahaya namah ॥ 20॥

Om carmavasase namah ।
Om pitambara vibhusanaya namah ।
Om moksadayine namah ।
Om moksa nidhaye namah ।
Om amdhakaraye namah ।
Om jagatpataye namah ।
Om vidyadharine namah ।
Om sukla tanave namah ।
Om vidyadayine namah ।
Om ganadhipaya namah ॥ 30॥

Om prauḍhapasmṛti samhartre namah ।
Om sasi mauḷaye namah ।
Om mahasvanaya namah ।
Om samapriyaya namah ।
Om avyayaya namah ।
Om sadhave namah ।
Om sarvavedairalankṛtaya namah ।
Om haste vahni dharaya namah ।
Om srimate mṛgadharine namah ।
Om vasankaraya namah ॥ 40॥

Om yajnanathaya namah ।
Om kratudhvamsine namah ।
Om yajnabhoktre namah ।
Om yamantakaya namah ।
Om bhaktanugraha murtaye namah ।
Om bhata sevyaya namah ।
Om vṛsadhvajaya namah ।
Om bhasmoddhuḷita sarvangaya namah ।
Om aksamaladharaya namah ।
Om mahate namah ॥ 50॥

Om trayimurtaye namah ।
Om parabrahmane namah ।
Om nagarajairalamkṛtaya namah ।
Om samtarupayamahajnanine namah ।
Om sarvalokavibhusanaya namah ।
Om ardhanarisvaraya namah ।
Om devaya namah ।
Om munisevyaya namah ।
Om surottamaya namah ।
Om vyakhyanadevaya namah ॥ 60॥

Om bhagavate namah ।
Om ravicamdragni locanaya namah ।
Om jagadgurave namah ।
Om mahadevaya namah ।
Om mahananda parayanaya namah ।
Om jatadharine namah ।
Om mahayogine namah ।
Om jnanamalairalankṛtaya namah ।
Om vyomagangajalasthanaya namah ।
Om visuddhaya namah ॥ 70॥

Om yataye namah ।
Om urjitaya namah ।
Om tattvamurtaye namah ।
Om mahayogine namah ।
Om mahasarasvatapradaya namah ।
Om vyomamurtaye namah ।
Om bhaktanamistaya namah ।
Om kamaphalapradaya namah ।
Om paramurtaye namah ।
Om citsvarupine namah ॥ 80॥

Om tejomurtaye namah ।
Om anamayaya namah ।
Om vedavedanga tattvajnaya namah ।
Om catuhsasti kalanidhaye namah ।
Om bhavarogabhayadhvamsine namah ।
Om bhaktanamabhayapradaya namah ।
Om nilagrivaya namah ।
Om lalataksaya namah ।
Om gajacarmane namah ।
Om gatipradaya namah ॥ 90॥

Om aragine namah ।
Om kamadaya namah ।
Om tapasvine namah ।
Om visnuvallabhaya namah ।
Om brahmacarine namah ।
Om sanyasine namah ।
Om gṛhasthasramakaranaya namah ।
Om dantaya namah ।
Om samavatam sresthaya namah ।
Om satyarupaya namah ॥ 100॥

Om dayaparaya namah ।
Om yogapattabhiramaya namah ।
Om vinadharine namah ।
Om vicetanaya namah ।
Om mati prajnasudhadharine namah ।
Om mudrapustakadharanaya namah ।
Om vetaladi pisacaugha raksasaugha vinasanaya namah ।
Om roganam vinihantre namah ।
Om suresvaraya namah ॥ 108॥

॥ iti sri daksinamurti astottarasatanamavalih sampurnam ॥

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