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Annamayya Keerthana – Ammamma Emamma Lyrics in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Ammamma Emamma Lyrics in Hindi:

अम्मम्म एमम्म अलमेल्मङ्ग नाञ्चारम्म ।
तम्मियिण्ट नलरुकोम्म ओयम्म ॥

नीरिलोन तल्लडिञ्चे नीके तलवञ्ची
नीरिकिन्द पुलकिञ्ची नीरमणुण्डु ।
गोरिकोन चेमरिञ्ची कोपमे पचरिञ्ची
सारेकु नीयलुक इट्टे चालिञ्चवम्म ॥

नीकुगाने चेय्यिचाची निण्डाकोपमुरेची
मेकोनि नीविरहान मेनु वेञ्चीनि ।
ईकडाकडि सतुल हृदयमे पेररेची
आकु मडिचिय्यनैन आनतिय्यवम्मा ॥

चक्कदनमुले पेञ्ची सकलमु गालदञ्चि
निक्कपु वेङ्कटेशुडु नीके पोञ्चीनि ।
मक्कुवतो अलमेल्मङ्ग नाञ्चारम्म
अक्कुन नातनि निट्टे अलरिञ्चवम्म ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Ammamma Emamma Meaning:

Mother!Oh Mother! what mother/lady?Lakshmi, the lady
On the Lotus home, blossom, mother;

In water, (you) agitating, for you, did (he) bowed his head; under water (he )was happy, your husband;
Nail bite, and (your) to anger (he) adjusted; as present your pouting, just like that, stop it O Lady!

To you only (he) stretched his hand, (your) full anger rose; Consenting to your separation, he imposed on himself a birth (on Earth)
here and there, all Ladies had hearts prevailing
Fold the leaf, at least give permission, O Lady!

Only goodness propagate; all negativity remove; True Venkateshwara is waiting for you only.
With affection Lakshmi, Dear Mother, embrace him; Just like that please him, O Lady!

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Annamayya Keerthana – Ammamma Emamma Lyrics in Hindi With Meaning

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