Annamayya Keerthana

Annamayya Keerthana – Siruta Navvulavaadu Lyrics in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Siruta Navvulavaadu`lyrics in Hindi:

सिरुत नव्वुलवाडु सिन्नेका वीडु
वेरपेरुगडु सूडवे सिन्नेका ॥

पोलसु मेनिवाडु बोरवीपु वाडु
सेलसु मोरवाडु सिन्नेका ।
गोलुसुल वङ्कल कोरलतोबूमि
वेलिसिनाडु सूडवे सिन्नेका ॥

मेटि कुरुचवाडु मेडमीदि गोड्डलि
सीटकालवाडु सिन्नेका ।
आटदानिबासि अडविलो राकाशि
वेटलाडी जूडवे सिन्नेका ॥

बिङ्कपु मोतल पिल्लगोविवाडु
सिङ्क सूपुलवाडु सिन्नेका ।
कोङ्कक कलिकियै कोसरि कूडे नन्नु
वेङ्कटेशुडु सूडवे सिन्नेका ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Siruta Navvulavaadu`Meaning:

O little sister, look at the child with sparkling smiles. Look, how fearless he is.

O little sister, he appeared with scales on body (Vishnu’s Matsyavataram). He appered with very tough back (Koorma). He appeared with lifted mouth (Varaha). He descended on the earth with strong and crooked teeth (as man-lion).

He took the form of a short man ( Vamana). He carried axe on his shoulder (Parasurama). He tilled land with plough ( Balarama). He hunted a deer in forest but lost his woman ( Rama).

He became a great flute player. His looks resembled the looks of a deer ( Krishna). O little sister, look, he is Venkatesa eagerly meeting beautiful Alamelumanga in Kaliyuga.

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