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Dhumavati Jayanti Festival Dates From 2020 to 2026

Dhumavati Jayanti From 2020 to 2026:

2020 Saturday, 30th of May
2021 Friday, 18th of June
2022 Wednesday, 8th of June
2023 Sunday, 28th of May
2024 Friday, 14th of June
2025 Tuesday, 3rd of June
2026 Monday, 22nd of June

The Goddesses in Hindu Dharma are often depicted as the powerful, radiant beings they are. They are beautiful, celestial, with virtues such as grace, nurturer, knowledge, wealth etc. One such form of the Goddesses is different from the rest, smoky complexioned riding a chariot with a flag bearing a crow- Dhumavati. Seventh of the 10 Mahavidyas, Dhumavati personifies the dark side of life. Her name means “she who is made of smoke.”

Dhumavati Jayanti Rituals:

1) On the day of Dhumavati Jayanti, devotees get up before sunrise and dedicate the day to worshipping Mata Dhumavati. The main puja ritual should be performed in an isolated place. The Goddess is worshipped with dhoop, incense sticks and flowers. Special ‘Prasad’ is prepared on this day. It is believed that by offering black sesame seeds tied in black cloth to Devi on this day, can grant fulfilment of one’s wishes.

2) During the time of puja, special Devi mantras are recited to please Goddess Dhumavati and seek Her blessing for ending all the miseries in life. After the recitation of mantra, ‘aarti’ is performed and the Prasad is distributed among family members and other devotees.
On the occasion of Dhumavati Jayanti, a special procession is prearranged during night for all the devotees of Goddess Dhumavati.

3) Tantriks especially worship Goddess Dhumavati with full devotion to gain all materialistic wealth.

4) According to the traditions, married women are barred from worshipping Mata Dhumavati. They are only allowed a glimpse from far. This tradition is followed for the safety of their husband and sons.

Dhumavati Jayanti Importance:

According to Hindu legends, the goddess Dhumavati is associated with all the unfavorable things. It is thought to have appeared during the period of cosmic dissolution. Some Hindu scholars firmly believe that the goddess Dhumavati is the emptiness just before creation and after destruction. The goddess is represented in the form of an ugly old woman sitting in a chariot without horses. Sometimes she is also portrayed riding on a crow. Symbolically, the goddess Dhumavati exhorts the faithful to look beyond superficial Truth and strengthen their faith in the Supreme Truth, from which both beauty and ugliness arises.

Although the appearance of Mata Dhumavati was dangerous and frightening, she still blessed her children and embodied the liberation of the Earth from all sinners and demons. Even in ancient times, Saint Parshuram, Bhrigu and Durvasa worshipped the goddess Dhumavati for obtaining special powers. In some areas she is worshipped as a protective deity. Tantric practitioners worship the goddess Dhumavati to overcome all obstacles in life and fulfill their wishes. He is also known as "Kalahpriya" to offer solutions to Kalah problems of this world. It is believed that even a glance at the goddess Dhumavati on the day of Dhumavati Jayanti brings divine blessings to the observer.

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