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Fairfax SV Lotus Temple All Puja Samagri Details

  1. Aayushya, Pancha Sukta, Sudarshana Homam
  2. Abdhikam (Annual ceremony; pitru karyam; shraddham)
  3. Abhishekam (Bathing of the Deity of your choice with rose water, milk, yogurt, honey, sandalwood water etc.)
  4. Aksharabhyasam – Vidyaarambham (Initiation to formal education)
  5. Annapraasanam (Initiation of the child to normal solid food)
  6. Bhoomi puja (Ground Breaking Ceremony)
  7. Chaula Karma (Mundan Ceremony – First Ceremonial Hair Offering)
  8. Engagement Ceremony – Nishchitartham
  9. Grihapravesam (House Warming Ceremony)
  10. Hiranya Shraddham (Pitru karyam, annual ceremony, (tarpanam, swayampakam) (no Homam))
  11. Kalyana Utsavam (Wedding ceremony to the Lord)
  12. Naamakaranam ( A.M. Only ) Naming Ceremony – Naming of the child
  13. Navagraha Homam (Havan – 1 Hour)
  14. Pinda Paradanam – (Annual ceremony; pitru karyam; pinda pradanam) (no Homam))
  15. Punyavachanam – (Purificatory rites)
  16. Sathabhishekam – 80th Birthday (completion of 1000 full moons since birth)
  17. Satyanarayana Puja (Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham)
  18. Seemantham – Puja in the 7th/8th month of pregnancy
  19. Shashtiabdapoorty – (60th Birthday)
  20. Swayam pakam (Offering the raw food items/ groceries to the priest On the name of parents (late))
  21. Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony)
  22. Vivaham ( Wedding Ceremony )

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