Fairfax SV Lotus Temple Bhoomi Puja – Ground Breaking Ceremony Puja Material

1) Reservation with the Temple is required.
2) The following materials are to be supplied by the devotee.

Bhoomi Puja – Ground Breaking Ceremony Puja Material:

Turmaric powder(pasupu) 1 packet
kumkum 1 packet
Chandan 1 packet
Betal nuts 20
Camphor(karpoor) 1 packet
Agarbathi 1 packet
Coconuts 3
Betal leaves 45
Quarters (coins) 1 roll
Panchapathra 2(steel glasses or silver glasses)
vuddarina 1(steel spoonor silver spoon)
Milk 1/2 gallon
Fruits 3 dozen
Flowers 2 bunches
Kalasam 1 (steel or silver)
Navadhanya 1/2 kg
Lamps(deepam) 2
Vottulu(vicks) 1 packet
Rice 3 kgs
Blouse piece 2 (red&yellow,each 1 yard)
Towel 1 big
White mustard seeds 100 gr.(avalu)
Bricks 5(if possible)
Cement 2 kgs
Yellow pumpkin 1 medium one
Harathi plate 1
Navaratna packet 1(if possible) available in indian store
Gallon water 3
Rice floor 1lb
White twine thread 1 spindle

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