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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – T

Tamas =  One fo the constituents of Prakrti- the principle of inertia and delusion.
Tantrika =  follower of Tantra; pertaining to Tantra.
Tanmatra =  Lit. that only; the primary elements of perception; the general elements of the particulars of sense-perception, viz. sabda, sparsa, rupa, rasa, gandha
Tantra =  A scripture in general; Science of the cosmic spiritual forces, revealed work.
Tanu =  Animal Body.
Tanuta =  becoming gradually less; reduction; a state of subtleness.
Tapas =  Sariya, Kriya and Yoga ; Religious and ascetic practices ; Devotion.
Tapoloka =  Heavens ; conditions or states of the Souls undergoing rest after death, the condition being pleasurable.
Tarka sastra =  Logic and dialectics
Tatparam =  Supreme Lord ; Lord of all.
Tattva =  fact, philosophy ; Thatnesss; principle; reality; the very being of a thing;
Tattva-traya =  The three tattvas, viz; Nara, Sakti and Siva or Atma, Vidya and Siva
Tatpurusa =  One of the five aspects of Siva
Tatvas =  Component parts of the body and Soul.
TEgAnmavAdi =  Materialist ; those who deny the existence of a mind and Soul.
thamiz =  One of the very old language spoken in the southern most state of India, called Tamilnadu
thirumuRai =  The hymns composed by the famous thamiz shaivite devotees during the first millenium. Highly adored text of thamiz shaivites
Thuriya avastha =  State of the Soul breathing in bodies, in which consciousness is not yet developed.
Thripadartha =  The three entities, postulated by Saivas,and Vaishnavas.
tIrtha =  holy water
Tirodhana sakti =  Power that obscures Reality
Trika =  The system of philosophy of the tirad- Nara, Sakti and Siva or (1) Para,, the highest, concerned with identity (2) parapara, identity in difference, and (3) apara, difference and sense of difference.
Trika (para) =  Prakasa, Vimarsa and their samarasya
Trika (parapara) =  Iccha, Jnana and Kriya
trimUrti =  The Hindu holy trinity – brahma, viShNu, rudra – involved in creation, sustainance and destruction
trishUla =  trident
Turiya or Turya =  The fourth state of consciousness beyond the states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep and stringing together all the states; the Metaphysical Consciousness distinct from the psychological or empirical self; the Saksi or witnessing consciousness; the transcendental Self.
Thunai kArana or Sahakari kArana =  Instrumental cause.
Turyatita =  The state of consciousness transcending the turiya, the state in which the distinction of the three, viz; waking, dreaming and deep sleep states is annulled; that pure blissful consciousness in which there is no sense of difference, in which the entire universe appears as the Self.
Thuriyathithum =  The state of the Soul in its original, unevolved and undeveloped state.

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