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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – T

Uccara =  A particular technique of concentration on Pranasakti under Anava upaya. Various aspects of ananda (bliss) are experienced in this concentration.
Ucchalatta =  The creative movement of the Divine ananda in waves bringing about manifestation and withdrawal
Udana =  The vital vayu that moves upwards. The Sakti that moves up in Susumna at spiritual awakening.
Udarana =  An analogy ; illustration or upamana.
Udaya =  Rise, appearance, creation
Udyama =  The sudden spontaneous emergence of the Supreme I-consciousness.
Udyantrta =  -do-
Udyoga =  -do-
Udvamanti =  Lit. Opening of the eye; (1) The externalizing of Ichha Sakti; the start of the world-process. (2) In Saiva-yoga-unfolding of the spiritual consciousness which comes about by concentrating on the inner consciousness which is the back-ground of the rise of ideas. (3) Representing the letter ‘u’.
Uma =  The Iccha Sakti of the Supreme; U=Siva; ma=Sakti- the Sakti of Siva.
Unmana =  The Supramental Sakti of Parama Siva in its primal movement towards manifestation, though inseparable from Him is known as unmana or unmani. Literally it means that which transcends manas. This Sakti is amatra, measureless and beyond time. 
Ksemaraja in Udyota commentary on Necratantra says about unmana mana utkramya gata anavacchinnaprakasasphuratta. It is the Sakti that transcends mind and is an uninterrupted Light.
Unmesa =  lit., opening of the eye-the start of the world process; 
(1) From the point of view of svabhava or the essential nature of the Divine, it means the emergence of the Divine I-consciousness.
(2) From the point of view of manifestation, it means the externalizing of Iccha sakti, the start of the world process. 
(3) From the point of view of Saiva yoga, it means the emergence of the spiritual consciousness which is the background of the rise of ideas. 
(4) Representing the letter ‘u’.
Unmilana =  Unfolding; manifestation.
Unmilana samadhi =  that state of the mind in which, even when the eyes are open, the external world appears as Universal Consciousness or Siva.
Unata =  Representing the letter U
Upadana =  limiting adjunct or condition
Upadhi =  Limiting adjunct or condition
Upalabhdr =  The Experient, knower or subject
Upalabdhi =  Cognition, awareness
upachAra =  honour, courtesy
upadesha =  close advice, initiation
Upamana Poli =  False analogy.
upaniShad =  philosophy of vedas, vedanta
upAsana =  service, attendance
Upathana kArana =  Material cause.
Urdhva-Kundalini =  the risen up kundalini when the prana and apana enter the Susumna
Urdhva marga =  Upward path; susumna
Usma =  The letters Sa, sa, sa, ha

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – T

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