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Maa Naina Devi Temple Nainital, Uttar Pradesh, Timings, Address

Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM .

As per legends, Sati was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha and she was married to Lord Shiva. Once Daksha insulted Lord Shiva and unable to tolerate this, Sati sacrificed herself in fire. On hearing this, Lord Shiva became angry and holding Sati's body he began a cosmic dance by which the entire worlds trembled. The gods prayed for his mercy and approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu with his disc cut off Sati's body into pieces. The fifty-one sacred 'shaktipeeths' were established on that places where the pieces of Sati’s body fell. The temple built on the place where Sati’s eyes fell is known as Naina Devi Temple.

‘Naina Devi’ is synonymous with ‘Eyes of Sati’, hence the name of the temple. From then onwards devotees started visiting the temple. The temple is on a hill top at Nainital in Uttar Pradesh and the devotees can bring prasad from any of the shops or they can carry their own offerings from home. After entering through the main gate, a big Peepal tree can be seen on the left side. On the right side of the temple there are deities of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh. There are two lion statues in the main entrance of the temple.

Maa Naina Devi Temple Nainital

Inside the temple, there are three deities. Maa Naina Devi is in the centre, represented by two eyes; Mata Kali Devi is on the left and Lord Ganesh on the right.

Maa Naina Devi Temple Address:
Uttarakhand - 263002
Phone Number: 089542 28756

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