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Puri Shree Jagannath Temple Timings Pooja, Darshan, Opening, Closing

Puri Jagannath Temple Darshan Timings:

Morning: 5.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening: 4.00 PM to 11:30 PM.

Puri Jagannath Temple Sevas/Poojas:

2:00 AM to 2:30 AM – Dwara Phita
2:30 AM to 2:40 AM – Bhitara Sodha
2:40 AM to 2:45 AM – Mangala Aarti
2:45 AM – Mailama
3:15 AM – Tadapa Lagi
4:00 AM – Abakasha
5:00 AM – Mailama, Besha
4:10 AM – Rosha Homa
4:40 AM to 5:00 AM – Surya Puja
5:00 AM – Dwara Pala Puja
5:30 AM – Gopala Ballav
6:00 AM to 7:00 AM – Sakala Dhupa
7:30 AM to 8:15 AM – Mailama O Besha
7:00 AM to 8:30 AM – Bhoga Mandap
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Madyana Dhupa
9:30 AM to 11:00 AM – II Bhoga Mandap
11:00 AM – Dakhinighara Bhoga
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM – Madhyanha Pahudha
6:30 PM to 7:20 PM – Mailama, Besha
7:30 PM to 8:00 PM – Sandhya Aarti
8:00 PM to 9.30 PM – Sandhya Dhupa
9:30 PM to 10:00 PM – Mailama O Chandan Lagi
11:00 PM to 11:30 PM – Badasinghara Besha
11:30 PM to 12:00 AM – Badasinghara Bhoga
12:00 AM – Ratra Pahuda
12:00 AM – Temple closing hours

Jagannath Temple Puri

About Puri Jagannath Temple:

The Jagannath Temple or Puri Temple is one of the most ancient and famous temples located in Puri, Odisha. It is part of the sacred Char Dham Yatra that every Hindu must do in his lifetime. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath (Sri Krishna), Balabhadra(Brother) and Subhadra(Sister). This Puri Jagannath Temple is a Vaishnavite Temple. Lord Jagannath means the Lord of the Universe.

First temple was built in 12th Century. This temple is famous for its Rathayatra. Non – Hindus are not permitted to enter the temple. The temple is also among the holiest Chardham temples the other three are Rameswaram, Badrinath and Dwaraka. There are many shrines in the temple complex among them Vimala temple is considered as one of the most important Shaktipeetas where Goddess Sati’s Navel fell.

The Puri Jagannath Temple is built on a raised platform in the center of the city. There are four Gates of the temple facing the four directions. The Gates are named the Elephant Gate (North Gate), Horse Gate(South Gate), Tiger Gate(West Gate) and the Lion Gate(East Gate). The public can enter from the Lion Gate or the East Gate. At the entrance, 10 feet high Aruna Stambha welcomes all the pilgrims who enter the temple. A flight of 22 steps leads us to Lord Jagannath’s main shrine.

Lord Jagannath-Balabhadra-Subhadra

The Puri Jagannath Temple is divided into four areas: Vimana (Tabernacle), the Jagamohan (the porch), the Natamandir (Auditorium) and the Bhogamandap. Vimana was once known as the largest structure of ancient India. On the walls, several murals depict the life of Lord Krishna.

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the Puri Jagannath Temple is the famous Jagannath Rath Yatra. The festival propelled the temple to world renown.

Note: Only Hindus are not allowed inside the temple premises

Puri Jagannath Temple Dress Code:

All Indian Traditional Dress are allowed.
Temple Entry is Free.

Mahaprasad Puri Temple:

The world’s largest kitchen where the mahaprasad is cooked in clay pots. Apparently, the kitchen produces enough food to feed one lakh people every day.

Festivals Celebrated in Puri Temple:

Chandana Yatra
Snana Yatra
Ratha Yatra
Sayana Ekadasi
Daksinayana Sankranti
Parsva Parivartana Ekadasi
Deva Utthapana Ekadasi
Dola Yatra
Damanaka Chaturdasi
Makara Sankranti
Jhulana Yatra – Swing festival for seven days.
Sola Puja – Special esoteric worship in the Vimala temple for sixteen days.
Rama Navami – the birth of Rama incarnation.
Kumara Purnima. Janmastami – Birth of Krisna.
Krisna Lila – The exploits of Krisna.
Ganesa Caturti – Birth of Ganesa.
Radha-Astami – Birth of Radha.
Vamana Janma (or Sunia) – Birth of Vamana.
Ananta Caturdasi – Birth of Ananta.
Dwitiya Osa – This is specially observed in the temple of Laksmi. In Odisha ‘Osa’ means religious fasting.
Dasahara – Takes away ten sins.
Navanna – Taking of new food.
Dipawali- Offering of lamps to forefathers.
Vakula Amavasya.
Sri Pancami – Special worship of Sarasvati.
Sivaratri Sacred day for Siva.
Maha Visuva Sankranti – Also known as Pana Sankranti in Odisha. Pana means sweet drink.
Nrusingha Janma -Birth of Nrusingha.
Sitala Sasthi – Marrige of Siva.
Rukmini Harana Ekadasi – Marrige of Krishna
Details on these may be locally collected.

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra Festival

Temples Near Puri Jagannath Temple:

Puri, Sri Markandeswara Swamy Temple – 500 mts
Puri, Jambeswar Temple – 1 km
Puri, Sri Loknatha Temple – 2 kms
Puri, Sri Nrusingha Temple – 3 kms
Puri, Chakra Tirtha Temple – 3 kms
Puri, Sri Gundicha Temple – 4 kms
Puri, Sri Sakshigopal Temple – 21 kms
Konark Sun Temple – 36 kms.

Puri Jagannath Temple Address:

Shree Jagannath Temple
Puri Sri Nahar,
Odisha 752001
Phone : +91-6752-222002
Fax :+91-6752-252100

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