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Shri Hari Ashtakam Lyrics in English and Meaning | Sri Vishnu Ashtakam

Hari Ashtakam is a prayer dedicated to Vishnu as Hari. Hari means one who shows you the true path and eliminates the illusion or Maya in which you live. This Ashtakam/Stotram was composed and recited to Hari's glory by Pralhad, the Daitya or Demon, one of Vishnu's greatest devotees.

Because of his unwavering devotion and love, Vishnu saved his life again and again and put him on the right path of Moksha or the final liberation.

This is a Stotra if it is recited with greatest devotion, place it on the right path of Moksha or the final liberation.

The name Hari, even when recited with a bad mind will destroy all our sins just like the fire which burns the hand even when touched inadvertently.

Sri Haryashtakam Lyrics in English:

Harirharati papani dustachittairapi smrtah
anicchaya pi samsprsto dahatyeva hi pavakah || 1 ||

Sa ganga sa gaya setuh sa kasi sa cha puskaram
jihvagre vartate yasya harirityaksara dvayam || 2 ||

Varanasyam kuruksetre naimisaranya eva cha
yatkrtam tena yenoktam harirityaksara dvayam || 3 ||

Prthivyam yani tirthani punyanyayatanani cha
tani sarvanyasesani harirityaksara dvayam || 4 ||

Gavam kotisahasrani hemakanyasahasrakam
dattam syattena yenoktam harirityaksara dvayam || 5 ||

Rigvedo tha yajurvedah samavedo pyatharvanah
adhitastena yenoktam harirityaksara dvayam || 6 ||

Asvamedhairmahayajnaih naramedhaistathaiva cha
istam syattena yenoktam harirityaksara dvayam || 7 ||

Prana prayana patheyam samsara vyadhinasanam
duhkhatyanta paritranam harirityaksara dvayam || 8 ||

Baddhah parikarastena moksaya gamanam prati
sakrduccaritam yena harirityaksara dvayam || 9 ||

Haryastakamidam punyam pratarutthaya yah pathet
ayusyam balamarogyam yaso vrddhissriyavaham || 10 ||

Prahladena krtam stotram duhkhasagara sosanam
yah pathetsa naro yati tadvisnoh paramam padam || 11 ||

iti prahladakrtam sri haryastakam sampurnam ।

Sri Hari Ashtakam Meaning :

Lord’s name is so powerful that if we recite it even unwillingly, our sins gets destroyed. Such being the case, what about those who lovingly chant this name? || 1 ||

If the two syllables Hari is in our tongue always, then it is equal to having bath at Ganga, performing Sraaddha at Gaya, visiting sacred places like Kashi, Puskara etc.,

No pilgrimage is required if we remember Hari always. || 2 ||

The good deeds performed at Varanasi, Kurukshetra and Naimisharanya are equal to the chanting of two syllables Hari everyday. Again here, it is said that the chanting of the word Hari will bestow all good results that would be obtained by performing sacred karmas at various pilgrim centers. || 3 ||

By reciting the two syllables Hari one gets all the punya (good results || that is being got by visiting all the pilgrimage centers in the entire world. || 4 ||

Kanyadaana (performing daughter’s marriage || and Godaana (offering the cow || are considered very sacred. If we chant the name of Hari, it is equal to donating thousands of cows and performing thousands of marriages. || 5 ||

The chanting of Harinama is equal to systematic recital of Rik Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Veda paaraayana bestows utmost benefits. Such benefits are obtained by mere recital of Harinama. || 6 ||

Harinama is equal to performing Ashwamedha Yajna and other similar sacrifices. One can get the benefits they desire by chanting such Harinama. || 7 ||

The chanting of Harinama is like carrying the food towards the last journey, which also destroys the pain of samsaara. It is saviour from many dire troubles of life. The chanting of Harinama at the time of last journey of a man will relieve him of all pains of samsaara. || 8 ||

Even if the Harinama is chanted only once, it will lead to salvation by removing bondage. No other means to salvation is required if one recites Harinama. || 9 ||

The recital of this Hariasthakam every day morning will confer long life, strength, health, wealth and glory.

This is the phalasruti. || 10 ||

One who recites this stotra told by Sri prahlada, attains the abode the Lord Vishnu namely Paramapada, besides all benefits in this world. || 11 ||

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