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Dhanurmasa Pooja Vidhanam


Analysing the Puranas, reveals that two vraths (observances) had been observed by the Andal and Gopikas during the Dhanurmasam to marry the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. One is Dhanurmasa vrath and the other is Kaathyaayani vrath. About Dhanurmasa Vrath (a religious observance) Pooja: A vrath done during the month of Dhanurmasam is called the Dhanurmasam […]

ABOUT DHANURMASA / Marghasirsha / Margazhli

The Transit of Sun into the constellation of Dhanurrasi or Sagittarius and until it moves out to the constellation of Makara or Capricorn. Since the transit into Dhanur rasi, it is known as Dhanurmasam. Dhanurmasa / Marghasirsha / Margazhli (Dec 16 to Jan 13) has great spiritual significance which starts with Margashirsha shukla ekadasi (the […]

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