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Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER I ON PROOF

SIDDHANTA GNANA RATNAVALI: FIRST LESSON / CHAPTER I: ON PROOF 1) Question : What is Pramana? Answer : Proof or measure. 2) Question : What is instrument of proof? Answer : Intelligence of the Soul. 3) Question : How many kinds of Pramana are there? Answer : Three kinds. 4) Question : What are they? […]

Qanda on Shaiva Siddhanta | Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali

In this section, the basic information of the Shaiva Siddhanta Philosophy is given in the form of questions and answers. These are from the great works of JM Nallasami Pillai. For a much detailed information on Shaiva Siddhanta you can see: Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER I ON PROOF Siddhanta Gnana Ratnavali – CHAPTER II […]

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