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ONAM Games Celebration

Onam Games Talappanthukali | Kerala Onam Festival

The Ball Game: Talappanthukali is one of the major out-door games played on the occasion of Onam. The game is essentially a ball game and extremely popular one. Preparing the Ball: There is a unique way in which the ball is prepared for Pantukali. Layers and layers of dried up plantain are wrapped in the […]

Onam Games Onakalikal | Kerala Onam Festival

Onakalikal is a collective name for the numerous games played on the occasion of Onam. After a sumptuous Onasadya meal, the time is ideal to indulge in a bit of merriment. People of Kerala are energetic and they make the most of it including sports. There are various kinds of games devised for this occasion […]

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