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Ameen Manzil, Saidabad Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

Sir Ahmed Hussaini-Nawab Ameen came from madras in the year of 1895 to Hyderabad. He was the member of the Executive Council of Hyderabad state. For the first time he was appointed as Assistant Secretary in the Nizam’s Peshi Office of Hyderabad. With his hard work and his responsibility at work made him to become a chief secretary of the Nizam of saidabad. He was prominent for the love for books from all the members of the officials of Hyderabad and made a good library and housed a building with the name of Ameen Manzil at saidabad which has an amazing roofs over the verandahs with a combination of Indian and western style of architecture. It gives us a pleasant feeling when we see the architecture. From the ancient period this building had great respect and fame with the name of Sir Ahmed Hussian-Nawab Ameen jung.

Heritage Structures HyderabadAddress:
Ameen Manzil,
Hanuman Road,
Uppar Guda,
Telangana – 500059

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