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18 Sons Names – Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi for Money Problems

Hindus widely believe that chanting the names of Goddess Lakshmi’s 18 children will help solve horoscope-related problems, especially those that cause financial difficulties. The names of Sri Lakshmi’s 18 children Should be chanted 7 times a day for 21 Fridays.

Benefits of the Mantra:

  • Desire fulfillment
  • A solution to money-related problems.
  • An early solution to property-related problems.
  • Highly effective Mantra to solve Horoscope related Issues.

18 Sons of Sri Lakshmi Devi Names:

ॐ देवसखाय नम: Om Devsakhaya Namah
ॐ चिक्लीताय नम: Om Chiklitaya Namah
ॐ आनंदाय नम: Om Anandaya Namah
ॐ कर्दमाय नम: Om Kardmaya Namah
ॐ श्रीप्रदाय नम: Om Sripradaya Namah
ॐ जातवेदाय नम: Om Jathvedaya Namah
ॐ अनुरागाय नम: Om Anuragaya Namah
ॐ संवादाय नम: Om Samvadaya Namah
ॐ विजयाय नम: Om Vijayaya Namah
ॐ वल्लभाय नम: Om Vallabhaya Namah
ॐ मदाय नम: Om Madaya Namah
ॐ हर्षाय नम: Om Harshaya Namah
ॐ बलाय नम: Om Balaya Namah
ॐ तेजसे नम: Om Tejase Namah
ॐ दमकाय नम: Om Damkaya Namah
ॐ सलिलाय नम: Om Salilaya Namah
ॐ गुग्गुलाय नम: Om Gulgulaya Namah
ॐ कुरूंटकाय नम: Om Kuruntkaya Namah

18 Sons Names – Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi for Money Problems

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