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2021 Sheetala Saptami Festival Dates and Timings

Sheetala Saptami On Saturday 3rd April 2021
Sheetala Saptami Pooja Timings:
Sheetala Saptami Puja Muhurat = 6:12 AM to 6:36 PM
Duration = 12 Hours 23 Mins
Saptami Tithi Starts = 5:58 AM on 3-April-2021
Saptami Tithi Ends = 4:12 AM on 4-April-2021

Shitala Saptami Vrat

About Sheetala Saptami:

Shitala Satam, dedicated to Goddess Shitala, is a very significant day in Gujarati Calendar. Families in Gujarat observe Shitala Satam rituals to pursue the blessing of Goddess Shitala, as they believe that Goddess Shitala protects her devotees from measles and chickenpox.

The most significant ritual of Shitala Satam is that no food is prepared in the family on that day. It is mandatory that the food consumed on that day should not be fresh. Hence on the previous day, known as Randhan Chhath, most Gujarati families prepare special food that will be sufficient for the next day.

The custom of Shitala Satam is similar to that of Basoda and Sheetala Ashtami observed just after Holi in North Indian states. Shitala Satam can also be written as Sheetala Satam and Sitala Satam.

2021 Sheetala Saptami Festival Dates and Timings

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