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2028 Sri Krishna Janmashtami Pooja Date and Puja Timings

Krishna Janmashtami Puja is on Sunday 13th August 2028
5255th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna

2028 Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat/Muhuratam/Timings:

Nishita Puja Time: 23:18 PM to 24:03+
Duration: 0 Hours 44 Mins
Mid Night Moment: 11:41 PM
On 14th, Parana Time = After 05:36 AM
On Parana Day Ashtami Tithi End Time = 05:36 AM
Janmashtami without Rohini Nakshatra

About Sri Krishna Janmashtami:

Janmashtami is popularly known as Gokulashtami in North India. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show and full of joy and gaiety. Janmashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. He was born more than 5000 years ago in the 28th year of Dwapur Yug. Janmashtami is one of the most celebrated festivals for Hindus in India and worldwide. Janmashtami is celebrating the joy people feel all over the world for beloved Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami

Popularly known as Krishna Jayanti:

Janmashtami festival called Krishna Jayanti is in August-September every year. Lord Krishna was born on a rainy and stormy night. Apparently, Lord Varun, God of rain, welcomed the Lord himself. Still this trend continues since Janmashtami always falls during the peak of the rainy season in India.

Reason for Birth of Lord Krishna:

According to the Puranas, Krishna was the eighth incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He took birth to kill the evil king Kansa who was tormenting the people. Thus, Krishna freed the people of Mathura and other nearby towns. They were saved from Kansa’s evil clutches. Kansa was Krishna’s maternal uncle. Krishna was the eighth child of Devki, his mother, and Vasudev, his father.

2028 Sri Krishna Janmashtami Pooja Date and Puja Timings

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