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400 years Old Historical Gadwal Fort in Mahabubnagar Telangana Tourism

Gadwal, the municipal town in the Mahabubnagar district is a town rich in cultural and historic heritage. Also commonly known by the name Palamaru, it is the second largest town in the district. The town is just 6 kms away from the flow of the River Krishna. Though the town is in the boundaries of Telangana, the culture and the lifestyle of people are very much similar to those of Karnataka, the neighboring state. Situated at a distance of just 38 kms from the borders of Karnataka, the place is perfect example of cultural unity between the two states, Karnataka and Telangana. The distance of the town from the major cities in Telangana: The Gadwal town is about 188 kms away from Hyderabad, 96 kms away from Mahabubnagar and49 kms away from Raichur.

Gadwal Fort Bell

The town can be easily reached by the train. The Gadwal Railway Station is located on the Mahabubnagar-Kurnool railway line. Almost all the trains to Kurnool go via Gadwal Railway Station.

Feather on the Cap:
Mahabubnagar has been a bystander to many territorial rulers. Thanks to the territorial rulers, the district is also known as the ‘Territorial District’. More so, Gadwal the famous town in the district was also known as ‘Vidvadgadwala’ in the earlier days.

Gadwal Famous Samasthanam:
It has been found from the Imperial Gazetter of India that earlier Gadwal , a samasthanam had been a part of Raichur. But it has been a part of the Mahabubnagar district since the Nizam rule in the area.

Gadwal Fort Gadwal

Special Attractions of Gadwal Map:
Gadwal Fort: The still standing strong Gadwal fort was built by the most famous and strong ruler of the 17th century, Peda Soma Bhupaludu. He was also known as Somanadri. This is also a place to be visited. The huge surrounding walls make you feel secured. The material used in the construction had been quite strong resulting in the fort still standing strong to this day. The fort has not called for any repairs till date. The architecture and the look make one feel royal. The fort is consists of three sub divisions, three temples and a water body. The three temples are Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple, Sri Ramalayam, Sri Venugopala Swamy temple.

Gadwal Fort Temple

The other thing worth mentioning and worth seeing is the biggest cannon in the country that still exists in the Fort. The artistic 32 feet long cannon had been the symbol of victory of the ruler Pedda Soma Bhupala over Nawab of Kurnool. Ruler Somandri brought the cannon from the Nawab after defeating him in the battle.

The Government of Telangana is taking up steps and actions of developing the Fort into a major tourist attraction centre and to protect the heritage of the Fort. The Gadwal Fort can be reached easily as it lies near the Gadwl Town. The town can be reached either from Hyderabad, Mamhabubnagar or from Raichur. The town is located at a distance of 16 km from Erravelli Junction on Bangalore-Hyderabad NH 7.

Gadwal Fort

Gadwal Sarees:
Gadwal town produces the world famous hand woven Gadwal silk sarees. The sarees have intricate zari work that are quite renowned and art worn by ladies in the country with much passion.

It is said that the Gadwal sarees are so soft and light that they can fit into the match box as well.

Chennakesava Swamy Temple Gadwal Fort

How to Reach:
By Road: The town is properly connected to all the major towns and cities in the state. It is having a good road connection with Hyderabad, Mahabubnagar and Raichur. It is 15 kms away from NH-44.
The town is 115 kms away from Mahabubnagar district.
By Train: The town is in easy access for the visitors. Gadwal Railway Station is located on the Mahabubnagar-Kurnool railway line. The next nearest station is the Wanparthy Railway Station on the north side. Mahabubnagar is also a station from where you can reach the town as most of the trains go via Gadwal.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad which is 153 Kms away.

Accommodation Facilities:
Accommodation can be available at reasonable rates with basic comforts in the town itself. However, one needs to move in to Raichur or Mahabubnagar for a sophisticated accommodation.

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