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About Bhoomi Pooja Benefits, Procedure, Pooja Materials | Bhumi Puja

About Bhoomi Pooja:

Bhoomi Pooja is performed in north east -corner of the the construction site or for good agricultural yield. It is performed for Vastu Purush, Goddess Bhoomi, pancha boothas (the five elements of nature) and the deity of directions that removes all the bad effects and Vaastu doshas in the land.

It is necessary to build the compound wall before building the house. The southwestern part of the wall should be higher than the other walls of the house. The walls on the east and north sides should be 21 inches shorter than the south and west sides.

After choosing the land for the construction, one should grow plants on the land. One can also keep a calf or cow in order to make the land more auspicious. One can also consult an experienced priest to perform the Bhoomi Pooja which will bring lots of happiness in the life of the individual.

Bhoomi Puja Benefits:

1) It is very important that when you build a building or use a land for the cultivation purpose then one must seek the blessings of mother earth and offer the prayers. Hence it gets rid of all the evils and reduce all the negativities from the land.
2) It also helps for a smooth completion of work without any hurdles.
3) It also provides with well being and happiness of the people who are going to live in that property. If one is going to use the land for the agricultural purpose then it will help to yield more crops with a huge production.
4) Bhoomi Pooja will make Vaastu purush happy and grant his blessings to the worshipper.
5) Performing this pooja will also purify the construction site from any kind of negative energy and protect the home from any kind of troubles. This pooja will remove all the ill effects and purify all the corners of the house.

Bhoomi Puja Procedure:

1) At the time of performing the pooja the very first step is to keep the site cleared.
2) Also, one should clean the dirt, trash holes etc.
3) The worshiper should be east facing at the time of performing this pooja.
4) The beginning of this pooja starts with the ganesh pooja.
5) In a cleaned platform one should place those deities that one worships.
6) Then one covers the coconut with red cloth and places it in the ground.
7) This pooja is incomplete without the havan.
8) The different main rituals include Devi pooja, taking a Sankalpa, shatkarma, pran pratishtha and manglik dravya sthapana.

Bhoomi Pooja cost:

Bhoomi Pooja may cost from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5500.

Bhoomi Pooja - Bhumi Puja

Pooja Materials required to perform Bhoomi puja:

1) Turmeric powder – 1 Packet
2) Kumkum – 1 Packet
3) Sandalwood Paste/Powder – 1 Packet
4) Incenses sticks – 1 Packet
5) Camphor – 1 Packet
6) Flowers – 4 Bunches
7) Fruits – 12 Bananas
8) Betel leaves and nuts – 15 each
9) Coconuts – 4 nos
10) Kalasa Vastram – 2 Yards of fabric
11) Rice – 2 kg
12) Coins (Quarters) – 25
13) Ghee – 1 Pound
14) Sugar Candy (Kalkandu) – 1 Packet
15) Navadhanyam – 250gms (Wheat, Rice,Thoor Dal, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Rajma (White), Sesame)
16) Naivedyam as required

Navadhanya in English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada

English: Wheat, Rice,Thoor Dal, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Rajma (White), Sesame
Kannada: Godi, Akki, Thogari Bele, Hesaru Bele, Kaddale, Avara Bele, Yellu, Uddin Bele, Hurli.

Telugu: Godumulu, Beeyamu, Kandi Pappu, Pesaru Pappu, Senagalu, Chikudu Pappu, Nuvullu, Nalla Minumulu, Ullavalu.

Tamil: Goduma, Arisi, thuvarai, Pasi Paruppu, Kondai Kadalai, Mochha Kottai, Yellu, Ulutham paruppu, Kollu.

Other Materials from Home:
Deepam (Lamps)
Oil, Match box, Cotton Wicks
Panchapatra and Uddhrini
Two small trays
Two big trays
Five small cups
Asirvada New Dresses

Bhoomi Puja Mantra:
Om vasundharaye vidmahe
Bhoot adhatraya dheemahi
Tanno bhumi prachodayat

About Bhoomi Pooja Benefits, Procedure, Pooja Materials | Bhumi Puja

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