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Griha Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony that takes place on the occasion of the first visit of an individual to his new home. The “Puja” or act of worship takes place in several stages during the construction and entry of the house. Once the home is ready, the person must find a auspicious time to conduct the puja, in consultation with an astrologer or Indian priest. Graha Pravesh is popular in three ways:

“Apoorva”, which is performed upon the first entry into a newly constructed home,
“Sapoorva”, which is done when an individual enters the home after arriving from a foreign land, and
“Dwandwah”, which is done when the individual enters the home after reconstruction or renovation, which might be due to fire, flood or earthquake. Among others, various Puja[4] recommended are the Vastu Puja and Vastu Shanti. After the Graha Pravesh is performed, one may enter their new house.

Griha Pravesh Griha Pravesham | Graha Pravesh Tips:

1) Always do the griha pravesh on an auspicious day. The idols should be placed in an east-facing direction of the house.
2) Thoroughly clean the house before the puja. Mop the floor with salt, to cleanse and purify the place.
3) While entering the house, always put your right foot first.
4) The main door should be decorated, as it is called as Simha Dwara and is the face of the Vastu Purush. Decorate the door with mango leaves and fresh flowers.
5) Adorn the floor with rangoli made of rice flour or vibrant colours. Rangolis on the floor are believed to invite goddesses Laxmi.
6) A havan (herbs and wood put in fire), is said to purify the space cleanse the surroundings.

Griha Pravesh | Griha Pravesham | Graha Pravesh Importance:

1) Gho Pooja- to invoke the blessings of the cow and calf..
2) Ganapathy, Lakshmi and Saraswathy Pooja is performed to sanctify the threshold
3) The procedure listed below is observed by the owner while entering the house: a) The woman of the house should enter the house placing her right foot first, while carrying a pot of water. b) Then, her husband follows her in carrying a photo of Gods. c) The children of the household enter the house carrying various groceries that represent prosperity. d) Finally, other relatives and guests enter the house.
4) Ganapathy Homa – Is performed to remove obstacles.
5) Navagraha Homa – Is performed to appease the nine Planets and invoke their blessings.
6) Lakshmi Homa – Finally the Lakshmi Homa is performed for health and prosperity.

Vaasthu Homam - Gruhapravesam Pooja

Griha Pravesh | Griha Pravesham | Graha Pravesh Puja Material:

Turmeric Powder 1 Packet
Kumkum 1 Packet
Sandalwood Paste / Powder 1 Packet
Incense sticks 1 Packet
Camphor 1 Packet
Flowers 4 Bunches
Fruits 12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
Beetle Leaves & Nuts Approx. 30
Dry Coconut (Whole) 2
Coconuts 4
Rice 5 kgs
Kalasa vastram 1 Towel or 2 Yards fabric
Coins 40
Naivedyam Devotees choice
Ghee 500 gms
Sugar candy (Misri) 1 Packet
Rice Poha (Beaten Rice) 1 Packet
Brown Sugar 1 Packet
Honey 1 Small Bottle
Pumpkins White (winter melon) 1 Yellow
Lemon 4
Dates (Karjur) 1 Packet
Milk (Whole) 1 Liter

Navadhanya in English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada:

English: Wheat, Rice,Thoor Dal, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Rajma (White), Sesame
Kannada: Godi, Akki, Thogari Bele, Hesaru Bele, Kaddale, Avara Bele, Yellu, Uddin Bele, Hurli.

Telugu: Godumulu, Beeyamu, Kandi Pappu, Pesaru Pappu, Senagalu, Chikudu Pappu, Nuvullu, Nalla Minumulu, Ullavalu.

Tamil: Goduma, Arisi, thuvarai, Pasi Paruppu, Kondai Kadalai, Mochha Kottai, Yellu, Ulutham paruppu, Kollu.

Navagraha Vastrams:

Red 2 Nos, White 2 Nos, Green 1 Nos, Yellow 1 Nos, Blue 1 Nos, Black 1 Nos and Printed 1 Nos

Other Pooja Materials from Home :

Deepam (Lamp), Oil, MatchBox, Cotton Wicks.
Kalasam, Panchapatra and Uddharini, Small Trays 2 nos.
Big Trays 2 nos, Small Cups 5 nos.
Asirvada New Dresses, Blankets 2 nos (For Guest Seating).
Paper Napkins and paper Plates (Sufficient quantities).
Aluminium Foil.

About Griha Pravesh Tips | Griha Pravesham | Graha Pravesh

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