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About Rudra Homam, Significance, Benefits, Mantra

About Rudra Homam:

Rudra means Shiva, the destroyer of all the forces of evil. As the supreme Lord of the universe, he gives you inner peace, a sense of accomplishment and also gives you all the pleasures of this world. Rudra has control of the nine planets and therefore controls all time and space. Sri Rudra is also a long section of Yajur Veda Samhita. There are eleven Anuvakas or chapters in Sree Rudra and also eleven Anuvakas in Chamaka Prashna. Sri Rudra praises God Shiva and the chamaka anuvakas direct our prayers to Sri Rudra. Prayers ask him to provide us with all the things necessary for our survival and prosperity.

Rudra Homam Significance and importance:

The first anuvaka of Sri Rudram is a prayer to please the Eshwara who are angry with those who break their orders. The second in the ninth anuvakas contains the various names that attribute its supremacy, its omnipresence, his nature and other aspects that are worshiped. The ten prayers of the anuvaka are addressed to Eshwara to satisfy the desires and eliminate all the obstacles of the life of the invoker. In the eleventh anuvaka, the Rudra Ganas are worshiped. The important aspect of all Vedic mantras used for traditional rituals is that their constant repetition invokes cosmic powers to help those who are implicated by negative powers. Therefore, the greater the number of repetitions of the mantra, the greater its effect.

The science of Homam’s Vedic ritual states that Homam helps us connect to fire, which is one of the five elements of nature. Rudra Homam is a powerful fire ritual that aims to purify a person’s inner spiritual system, all deeply rooted disorders, by invoking the grace of Sri Rudra, one of the many forms of energy Shiva. Rudra is considered the greatest universal penance of all penances. It is assumed that Lord Krishna sang Sri Rudram during the Kurusheshtra War.

Rudra Homam Benefits:

Relief from unnecessary problems
Protection from external forces
Resolve relationship issues
Create cordial atmospheres at work and at home
Clarity in thoughts and deeds
Get rid of negativity
Achieve success
Overcome debts

Rudra Homam

Rudra Homam Mantra:

Om Hraum Joom Saha or Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe


Mahadevaya Dhimahi

Tanno Rudra Prachodayat Swaha

Simple Rudra mantra you may chant or write regularly

Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya

Rudra Homam Procedure:

1) Rudra Homam is done by lighting a fire using certain selected sacred materials. The Agni is energized by delivering of mantras. The Powerful energy is invoked in the homam fire through prayer. This energy is spread over the environment, and creates positive effect to the atmosphere.
2) On performing this homam removes previous birth karma and regenerate the environment by allowing a plentiful inflow of prana into the atmosphere.
3) The siddha-ayurvedic herbs are given into the homam Agni which directly flow our deeper energy layers. The smoke from a sacred homam can cure diseases like asthma. The sacred ash from the powerful homam can cure a various range of diseases when it applied on the skin
4) During rudra homam priest chant a mantra namaha, this mantras removes all health problems, after namaha the slogan chamakam also chanted by priest, the mantra chamakam is chanted for getting good health and prosperity.
5) Rudra homam gives all benefits for one’s entire life. So performing rudra homam gives long happy life.

About Rudra Homam, Significance, Benefits, Mantra

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