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About Sri Muneeswaran Temple Singapore Timings

Sri Muneeswaran Temple Timings:

Morning:5.30 am to 12.30 pm
Evening: 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

About Muneeswaran Temple:

The small, traditional Sri Muneeswaran Temple stands on Commonwealth Drive adjacent to the Blessed Sacrament Church. The Temple is dedicated to Sri Muneeswaran, the god of Acting and protector of villages, as believed in the southern Indian-Hindu religion.

Sri Muneeswarar Singapore

Local Indian-Hindu actors used to visit and pray at this temple as it is believed that one’s acting talent and skills will improve greatly when one prays to Sri Muneeswaran. Hence, actors and actresses may visit this temple and pray to God to receive blessings!

It is said that the temple also attracts devotees who are transformed thieves and terrorists. There are idols of other popular Hindu gods and goddesses, including Sri Ganesh, Sri Shiva, Sri Krishna, and Sri Mariamman, which make the temple popular with local Hindus all around, particularly devotees residing around the Commonwealth area.

Usually, a large number of local devotees visit the Temple and pray to God for protection or present their offerings to the deities residing in this temple. Priests at the Sri Muneeswaran Temple are friendly and willing to educate you deeply on Hindu culture and the significance of this temple, provided, they are not too busy. A 10-day festival, Masamagam, is celebrated annually in February when the temple is largely crowded with devotees.

Sri Muneeswaran Temple has a Gadag style or Western Chalukya style of architecture. Its exterior is adorned with intricately carved little statues of Hindu gods and creatures in southern Indian culture, while its interior consists of few shrines enclosed by wooden doors and enshrined with the idols of the different deities.

Other Deities inside the Temple:

Shri Muneeswaran (presiding deity)
Lord Vinayagar
Lord Vishvanathan
Shri Bala Murugan
Shri Maha Mariamman
Shri Idumban
Shri Krishna
Shri Durgai Amman
Shri Ayyappa Swamy
Shri Dakshinamoorthy
Shri Visalatchi
Shri Sandigeswarar
Shri Prathyangira Devi
Shri Bhairavar
Shri Ajaneyar
Shri Naga Raja And Rani
Nav Grahas

Muneeswaran Temple Address:

3 Commonwealth Dr,
Singapore – 149594.
Phone: +65 6473 5037

About Sri Muneeswaran Temple Singapore Timings

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